Big Brother’s nasty chokehold

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Social commentary

Let’s face it folks, we have been lied to on every level of big government, and we’ve swallowed that bitter pill without wavering time after time. The world keeps going down like the Titanic, and everyone is too distracted by all the B.S. around us to really make a stand and make a difference. After all, no one wants to be the enemy, and very few are willingly going to be nailed to any cross.

I am personally astounded: I live in Finland, a country that is taxed beyond any other country in the world. We have taxes for every occasion, like canine tax if you have a dog, inheritance tax in case you happen to get a nest egg when a loved one passes away, and in 2011 they even added a sweets tax for everything from candies to sports supplements. We are taxed to death, and we are emotionally wasted by it.

Gas prices keep going up to the point that we are paying well over 1,50 Euros per litre, and they promised us that the new E10 gasoline would be cheaper and cause less pollution to the environment. That was the sales pitch, but what did we get? Higher priced E10 gas than the old 95E, which it was designed to replace! So the bastards lied to us through their teeth, grinning like the moguls that they are, and explained that they forgot a necessary component from the composition of E10 gas, and thus now that they figured out the correct formula it’s more expensive than originally intended. In wrestling terms, they just worked us good. Add to the fact that the new E10 pollutes even more and burns faster than the old 95E and you have yourself a whole new conspiracy theory to mull over.

The price of grain and wheat products went up 20% at the start of 2011. The price of wheat and grain is reflected directly on livestock that is dependent on it so that we can have meat and poultry products in our grocery stores. Thus, the price of meat and poultry went up 10% too. And HOW deep did you say your pockets were??

You don’t have no choice. You have owners. They own YOU.” – George Carlin offers poignant thought

We’ve screwed the ecosystem beyond repair and now we get to pay for not only our own crimes, but the crimes of our predecessors. We have been warned time and time again that this globe cannot take the stress that our greedy industries have placed on it, and now Mother Earth is ready to bitchslap us back with a vengeance. And it’s already started.

Last summer in Finland was horridly hot. Never in all my 37 years do I recall a summer as hot as last year. When I made my wrestling debut in Japan in July 2010, eight people died from the 40+ degree weather in Tokyo on the day of my arrival, with 400 more hospitalized due to the heat. In Finland, I had to sleep on my porch at night to get at least some semblance of sleep, as inside the house it was beyond uncomfortable and humid. In short, it was agonizing.

Our winters are becoming more and more harsh, with more snow than we can handle. The city of Helsinki did away with their winter maintenance department a few years ago, since we were undergoing very bleak and snowless winters for several years. The ecosystem was already whacked at that point, and now since the poles seem to be turning around on a global scale, our last two winters have been rather severe.

To make up for the costs of having to plow snow through independent contractors, the city of Helsinki is going out of their way to ticket people on Sundays for parking wrong in residential areas. I should know, I paid my fine already, as I could not park in the ascribed space on the street due to the snow taking up the available slots. Regardless of counter-complaints, the city refused to rescind the fine. Just think, getting ticketed in front of your own home in a residential area at 12pm on a Sunday afternoon. The city needs money – BAD.

Today I got a nice letter in the mail from the company that supplies my electricity, claiming that Finnish parliament has passed a new ”energy tax” ascribing the price of electricity to go up immediately by 25-31% across the country. We are getting fisted big time, and all we can do whimper and complain like the slaves to grind that we are?!?

The movie Fight Club in 1999 was prolific in summing up where we are as a culture right now

So I have to stop and ask, and pardon my French as I do, but WHAT THE FUCK are YOU doing? Reading the latest gossip magazine? Watching the latest installment of absolutely nothing on the telly? Surfing the Internet as a cure to kill your boredom, feeling rather agitated and restless as you cannot turn the damn thing off?

Anybody remember that age-old thing called SISU that Finns used to have? Oh, you thought it was a certain brand of Finnish candy! No, no, let me remind you – it’s the internal forte that our war veterans had when they fended off the Russians back in days of the historic Winter War of 1939-1940. SISU is the reason Finland is independent today. SISU equates to having BALLS, and very few can attest to having those anymore in this day and age. And no, being born male does not mean you actually apply to having real BALLS.

WHO is willing to stand up and be counted? WHO in this day and age is willing to stand up and say, ”I’ve had ENOUGH! I am NOT going to be taken advantage of, and I sure as hell am not going to sit back and let them do it to ME!”

Drop your newspapers, they aren’t doing you any good. Turn off your TV set, it isn’t making your life any better. Turn off your computer too, the Internet isn’t going to set you free. Don’t look at the ads and signs, all begging for your immediate attention, distracting you from what is REALLY going on.

Understand that your freedom, your very life, is indeed in danger.

So now tell me – WHAT are YOU going to DO about it?

John Carpenter understood what was happening already in 1988

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