FCF Wrestling comes to Mänttä for the first time

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Professional Wrestling
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I am excited about the fact that FCF Wrestling here in Finland will be finally making their first excursion to the city of Mänttä (or Mänttä-Vilppula as it is known as now) on Thursday, May 17 as part of the annual Mänttä Rally car racing show.

I lived in Vilppula, right next to Mänttä, between 1996 – 2003 when I first moved to Finland from Canada.  I literally lived in the middle of the bush, out in the countryside, where the musical wellsprings of songwriting opened up in my creativity.  Since that time, I have gone on to rock many international stages as a vocalist in several bands over the years.  It was also in the summer of 2003 when I moved to Espoo, Finland that I began coaching Finnish wrestling talent, spawning the very first wrestling class in Finnish history.  Out of that class, the only wrestler still active to this day is Johnny McMetal, as the other active Finnish original, Stark Adder, quit the business last year in May.

Night Club Morgan Kane in Mänttä is the official sponsor of Mäntän Mättö on May 17, which will be held at the Mänttä City Gymnasium (Mäntän Liikuntasali).  The card will be announced shortly, so stay tuned to www.wrestling.fi for developments.

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