Michael “StarBuck” Majalahti is known as a top professional wrestler, showman, rock musician, graphic artist, voice-over speaker, actor and personal trainer.

Rendel Buck

Michael as Russian mercenary “Jimmy” in Rendel (2017, photo by Juuli Aschan)

Living in Espoo, Finland, Michael has wrestled successfully since 1994, garnering championship titles and acclaim from North America to Europe and from Africa to Asia.  Known as the frontman and vocalist for bands like CrossfyreAngel of Sodom and Stoner Kings, Michael has toured across Europe with his musical ventures, dating back to 1999.  Michael is also the graphic mastermind behind the mega-successful Finnish children’s heavy metal act, Hevisaurus (Sony Music), drawing and creating the various incarnations of the group’s prehistoric characters and designing the LP album cover artwork for the first five LP’s of the group.

Michael StarBuck Majalahti SLAM Wrestling Finland photo by Marko Simonen (1)

Michael models Aristrist men’s wear 2018 (photo: Marko Simonen)

As a licensed FAF Gym Instructor, Michael has served as a freelancing personal trainer since 2004, with clients ranging from young teen athletes to the elderly in 11 countries to date.  Nowadays, Michael runs his own personal training business, Body Mike.  Sporting a very outspoken personal life philosophy, Michael has become well-known across Finnish media for speaking against the grain and standing for traditional values.

In 2016, a movie about Michael was released in Finnish and Swedish theaters, eventually to be distributed on DVD, VOD and through other channels, called Spandex Sapiens.  The movie was funded by the Finnish National Broadcasting Company (YLE) and the Finnish Film Foundation (SES).

Michael’s other movie roles include Finland’s first-ever superhero action movie, Rendel (2017), which was released in theaters in September 2017 after which it was licensed worldwide, and It Came From The Desert (2017), which is slated for global theater release in 2018.  Michael was also the official host of acclaimed Finnish men’s fitness lifestyle show Maximal on the bygone MTV Max channel in Finland back in 2009, in addition to performing a cameo on Finnish television drama series Aallonmurtaja (2019).

An incomplete list of Michael’s music-related merits include:

Dust Eater Dogs – Motor (Day-Glo Records 1998), cover sleeve artwork

Hallowed – End of the Age (Little Rose Productions 2000), vocalist, lyricist

Stoner Kings – Brimstone Blues (Rebel Breed Recordings 2001), vocalist, songwriter, lyrics, album layout

Dust Eater Dogs – Oil (Take Off Your Shoes Records 2001), guest vocals

Metal Rose Collection – compilation, various artists (Little Rose Productions 2001), cover sleeve artwork

Stoner Kings – Brimstone Blues re-release (Massacre Records 2002), vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, album layout

Lullacry – Crucify My Heart (Spinefarm Records 2003), English lyrical help

Godsplague – Evilution (Melscene Records 2004), English lyrical help

Kotipelto – Coldness (Century Media 2004), English coaching with pronunciation and enunciation, lyrical help

Lordi – The Monsterican Dream (BMG Finland 2004), guest vocals

Thunderstone – Tools of Destruction (Nuclear Blast 2005), English coaching with pronunciation and enunciation, lyrical help

Stratovarius – Stratovarius (Sanctuary Records 2005), guest vocals

Stoner Kings – Fuck The World (Rebel Breed Recordings 2006), vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, cover artist, album layout

Lordi – The Arockalypse (BMG Finland 2006), guest vocals

Godsplague – Triumph (Melscene Records 2006), English lyrical help

Sonata Arctica – Unia (Nuclear Blast 2007), guest vocals, English coaching with pronunciation and enunciation, lyrical help

Kotipelto – Serenity (Century Media 2007), English coaching with pronunciation and enunciation, lyrical help

Random Eyes – Invisible (Bullroser Records 2008), English lyrical help, album layout

Dirty Licks – Too Little Too Late (Universal Records 2008), English lyrical help

The Souls – The Grand Confusion (Spinefarm Records 2009), English coaching with pronunciation and enunciation, lyrical help

Celesty – Vendetta (Spinefarm Records 2009), English coaching with pronunciation and enunciation, lyrical help

Crossfyre – Southbound (AXR Music 2010), vocalist, lyricist, album layout

Hevisaurus – Jurahevin Kuninkaat (Sony Music 2009), cover artist, character creation

Hevisaurus – Hirmuliskojen Yö (Sony Music 2010), cover artist, character creation

Hevisaurus – Räyh! (Sony Music 2011), cover artist, character creation

Hevisaurus – Räyhällistä Joulua (Sony Music 2011), cover artist, character creation

Random Eyes – Light Up (Random Productions 2011), English vocal and lyric coaching, guest vocals, lyrical assistance

Hevisaurus – Kadonneen Louhikäärmeen Arvoitus (Sony Music 2012), cover artist, character creation

Hevisaurus – Vihreä Vallankumous (Sony Music 2013), cover artist, character creation

Overnight Sensation – Life’s a Bitch (digital self-release 2013), lyricist, vocalist, songwriter

Crossfyre – Iron Horse (Rebel Breed Recordings 2014), cover artist, lyricist and vocalist

Angel of Sodom – Divine Retribution (Marquee Records 2016), lyricist, vocalist and cover artist

Crossfyre – No Limits (Rebel Breed Recordings 2016), lyricist, vocalist and songwriter

Stoner Kings – Alpha Male (Sliptrick Records 2019), lyricist, vocalist and songwriter

Michael’s championship titles, held as “The Canadian Rebel” StarBuck,  in the world of professional wrestling include:

TopCatch European Heavyweight Champion (defeating Michael Kovac for the vacant title in Wismar, Germany on May 14, 2011)

Eurostars European Heavyweight Championship (2x, defeating Bernard Vandamme on Dec. 2, 2006 in Vantaa, Finland; second victory over Vandamme on Jan. 16, 2009 in Levi, Finland)

IWS Intercontinental Championship (defeating Erik Isaksen in southern Italy, August 2005)

IWS Heavyweight Championship (defeating El Dinamico in Reggio Calabria on June 2, 2006)

– BWA (British Wrestling Alliance) Catchweight Championship (defeating Valentine in Espoo, Finland on May 11, 2013)

EPW Tag Team Championship (with Mikey Whiplash, defeating Patrick Schulz and Bad Bones in Bremen, Germany on November 27, 2010)

– Finnish Wrestling Champion (5x, defeating Stark Adder in tournament finals on Sept. 1, 2005 in Järvenpää, Finland; defeating Valentine on Dec. 15, 2007 in Helsinki, Finland; defeating Valentine on May 2, 2009 in Rauma, Finland; defeating TAJIRI in Tokyo, Japan on July 24, 2010; defeating Juhana “King Kong” Karhula on December 2, 2017 in Helsinki, Finland)

SMASH Wrestling Champion (defeating “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Yoshihiro Tajiri on Oct. 28, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan in the title tournament finals to become the first champion in SMASH company history)

WNC Champion  (defeating “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Yoshihiro Tajiri on February 27, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan)

Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Championship (named as interim champion by STHLM Wrestling out of Stockholm, Sweden upon foundation of championship in May 2017, and by defeating Timmy Force on July 8, 2017 in Stockholm becoming undisputed champion)

A list of the Finnish TV adverts and commercials that Michael has played a main role in:

Lapin Kulta Ice Beer 2004

Citymarket Suomen Robinson campaign 2005

Fazer Kismet chocolate 2006

Radio Nova Idols parody 2007

McDonald’s American Burger 2008

Leaf TV Mix 2010

– Johnson & Johnson Listerine 2011

Subway American Steakhouse Melt 2014

Valio milk commercial with NHL star Teemu Selänne 2014

Vesileppis Sport & Spa Hotel commercials 2014

Love & Anarchy film festival mini-movie 2015

– Comedian Niko Kivelä “Backstage” promotional video 2016