Music Videos

Music videos from Michael’s heavy rock band, Stoner Kings:


Live footage from Michael’s Stoner Kings band:


Music videos from Michael’s southern rock band, Crossfyre:


Crossfyre live gig videos:


Here is a full mini-documentary series on Crossfyre’s gigs aboard the Rock Legends Cruise in 2011, alongside names such as ZZ Top and George Thorogood & The Destroyers.  Most of the material is in Finnish:

linestarThe music video for single “All Hope Is Lost” from Michael’s doom metal project, Supernaut:


The music video for single “Righteous Kill” off of Michael’s thrash metal band Angel of Sodom‘s debut album Divine Retribution:


StarBuck featured performing in other artists’ music videos:

Ideomotor – We Can’t Work

Jessica Wolff – Broken Wings

Disco Ensemble – Eartha Kitt

For The Imperium – Northern Rampage (Blood & Gasoline)

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