Interested in raising your level of health and quality of life?  I can help!

As a personal trainer, I have served folks in 11 countries over the past 15 years.  My clients have ranged from age 14 to 91, both male and female, from all walks of life.

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My training approach is diverse, yet at the same time, it is back-to-basics resistance weight training based.  The fact is, most people have no clue as to how to build a strong, healthy, functional body that will last a lifetime.  With key elements missing, such as the understanding of integrating the muscle in question to its utmost capacity, recruiting one’s nervous system and training outside one’s comfort zone, you just aren’t going to reach your aspirations and goals.

BodyMike is my very own personal training service, that provides everything from dietary plans to training regimens to one-on-one personal training sessions.  I am based out of the southern region of Helsinki, Finland, and I operate out of Voimapuoti Gym in the Pitäjänmäki suburb of the city.  I also take on satellite assignments, even from other countries.

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You can contact me in either Finnish or English, and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.  Visit my website today and make a commitment to a better you and total fitness conditioning today, that will pay off in the long haul as the years wear on!  Don’t hesitate, make your appointment with me NOW!

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BodyMike – helping you reach your full potential!