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Well humdinger!  I just happened to stumble across my old Fazer Kismet chocolate bar TV commercial from 2006, and I uploaded it to my personal YouTube channel, which you can join and follow by clicking HERE.

Take a look at the rock’n’roll goodness from almost a decade back…

What a blast we had this past weekend, driving out with the band to play the very first Mossala Run on the island of Mossala (or more precisely Houtskari) off of the western coast of Finland.  After a dismal, cloudy and rainy June, July is looking to finally usher in summer, and the weather was fantastic!

We had to take five ferries to cross over from the mainland to our destination, and it took almost 8h to get there from the point of departure, but damn, it was worth it!  “Big Chief” Danny Cross and I took our respective ladies with us on this first-ever Mossala Run, so the girls could get a chance to take in Finland at its utmost best.  I got to shed my “winter coat”, as they say here in Finland, taking my first dunk and swim of the year in the sea, straight out of the sauna next to our log cabin.  We had the best overall barbeque ever, courtesy of Fafa’s Smokery on the island.  In short, we enjoyed the hell out of this past weekend!

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Here is a music video and photo compilation from the members of Custom Bikers Finland, who organized the Mossala Run and exclusively invited us to play there for their fine club: