Studio sessions with Overnight Sensation

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Music

Yesterday and today I was recording vocals for the upcoming Overnight Sensation EP, with four songs on the menu in total upcoming.

Today, I quickly nailed off a rather pop-minded tune entitled Cult Creation, and yesterday I laid down a song called Soul Gone Missin’ at Johtoääni Studios in Helsinki.  I ended up really struggling with Cult Creation, which is perhaps the most melodic track of the bunch overall, with nearly five hours of mic time today.  In comparison, I nailed Soul Gone Missin’ in about 45-minutes flat, warm-ups included.  Funny how some things just require more ante than others of the same ilk.

So what exactly does Overnight Sensation play?  We’re basically talking 80’s hard rock with an edgy attitude, like a bit of DAD, a bit of Hellacopters, a bit of Motörhead and a dash of Thin Lizzy.  That’s my take anyway.

First week of the new year I should be laying down the other two new tracks, Jezebel’s Addiction and Fool Like You.  We actually recorded Fool Like You this past year and took place in Radio Rock’s band contest in Finland, but we felt that the song needed to be fine-tuned, thus we are redoing it.

Stay tuned for more happenings and developments in the weeks to come.  Plus, come out and see us live at Hyvinkää’s Restaurant Pelikenttä with Steel Liver Society and The Sledge Messiah on February 5, 2011.

Overnight Sensation band

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