Hit music only

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Music

I was at Johtoääni Studios again this week recording vocals for the upcoming Overnight Sensation album, which encountered a change of plans from EP to LP.

Sounds good!

Yesterday, I nailed off a catchy as hell number entitled Jezebel’s Addiction (with a chorus to die for), and today I laid the smack down on a tune entitled Fool Like You.  We have actually recorded Fool Like You previously as a raw demo on our MySpace webpage, but we wanted to polish that song off, as it’s one of the best cuts we have.  Jezebel on the other hand reminds me vaguely of some of the better material from Buckcherry.

I believe we’ll be looking at 10 songs for the LP, with one cover and nine originals.   Stay tuned for developments!

Gotta be happy with the flow of things when you're "on"

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