Clash of the Titans

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

Back in 2007, Finnish wrestling fans across the country voted my Street Fight match against a then-rookie Heimo Ukonselkä as the match of the year in Finland.  For years, fans have been clamoring and reminiscing about this encounter, and during the past few years Ukonselkä has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of pro wrestling.  He has already won the PWF German Championship twice in addition to briefly holding the Finnish Wrestling Title for two and a half months in 2010, and has beaten some of the best that Japan has had to offer in the fast-rising SMASH promotion.

Fans in Finland have taken to Ukonselkä like a fish to water over the past year.  His popularity has grown by leaps and bounds, and he is becoming a more honed and complete talent in the ring.  Perhaps his Kalevala (Finnish folklore mythology)-like presence mixed with his Turisas (Finnish folklore battle metal band)-like appearance make him the dynamic personality that he has become.  Regardless, Finnish fans can’t get enough of Ukonselkä these days, and he works hard at his piece of personal business to make it work.

An assortment of photos from my Sept. 2007 Street Fight against Ukonselkä

Fans in the central part of Finland will now be able to see a true clash of the titans in the modern era, when Ukonselkä and I face off once again for a chance to vye for the Finnish Wrestling Championship, now held by Michael Kovac of Austria.  FCF Wrestling is in heated negotiations to get Kovac booked in Finland in the coming months, and the competition is heating up to see who gets the Title shot.  I will personally be gunning for an opportunity to score my fifth FCF Championship to date, whereas Ukonselkä is looking for his second.

You can bet your last penny that when Ukonselkä and myself step into that ring at JYVÄSKYLÄN JYSÄRI II on Saturday, February 19 in the city of Jyväskylä itself, everything will be laid on the line as only one man can walk out of that ring the victor and go on to challenge Kovac for the FCF Championship.

This match will be a war for the ages.  Ukonselkä is young and hungry, and I am the time-tested warhorse that has led the charge time in and time out.

Don’t miss this one.  You will regret it deeply if you do.

Believe me.

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