StarBuck vs. Tenryu makes history

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Professional Wrestling
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Returning from a grueling and very hot trip to Japan this past week, I carried my battle scars proudly after a major upset in defeating Japanese all-time ring legend Genichiro Tenryu clean with my spike piledriver at SMASH.20 this past Thursday in Tokyo.

The fact that this was not only the main event, but also before a sold-out Korakuen Hall audience that was as equally hot as the weather, only made this victory that much sweeter for Yours Truly.

The capacity crowd on hand could not believe their eyes when I hoisted the legend Tenryu up for my famous piledriver and drilled him head-first into the canvas for the resounding victory.  The noise that erupted from the audience after the pinfall was deafening in that single moment of time.

I must admit that this match was a surreal experience for me through and through.  Tenryu’s chops felt like they flayed the skin off of my chest and his punches rocked my jaw and blackened my left eye.  I indeed earned my victory over the legend Tenryu in the classic pro wrestling sense of the term.

Next up will be the semi-finals of the SMASH Title tournament on September 8th in Tokyo, after which I fly to Austria to defend my TopCatch European Championship against Michael Kovac on August 10th.  Before that however, I will be wrestling in Finland next weekend at the Häme Medieval Fair in Hämeenlinna on Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21 against FCF Champion Heimo Ukonselkä.

For photos of my huge match against Tenryu, click here.

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