Photo report of my first SMASH title defense

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Professional Wrestling
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This past Friday night, November 4th in Hämeenlinna, Finland at FCF Wrestling’s Sirkus Slam event, I made my first defense of my newly-won SMASH Championship, defeating Russian brute Vladimir Petrov.

Petrov tried to take me out early, assaulting me before the bell, mangling my back.  I was also sick as a dog with the flu, and Petrov knew it was hard for me to breathe deep and get enough oxygen, which is why he clubbed me hard with big forearm blows to my back, which resonated in my lungs.

However, I fought back with the spirit of a champion, rocking the big Russian with huge blows and punches before finally capitalizing on his lumbering clumsiness and inexperience, putting the big red threat away with a full-blast superkick to the face.

Petrov and his tag partner Johnny McMetal were scheduled to face myself and FCF Champion “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä in a tag team main event match, which turned out being a six-man war, after Petrov and McMetal assaulted gender bending fan favorite Jessica Love in her match with the human tank, Ibo Ten.

Our trio contingent made good and put away the opposition in the three on three main event, as Jessica was able to nail a suicide senton bomb off the top rope onto Ibo Ten for the winning pinfall after all hell broke loose in the closing moments of the match.

For more infos go to and be sure to check out photographer Jarmo Katila’s website, as he snapped these fantastic shots from the Sirkus Slam event!

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