Big news out of Japan!

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Professional Wrestling
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I just returned back home to Finland from a double-header with Wrestling New Classic in Tokyo and Osaka on May 15 & 16.

The big news coming out of my latest wrestling excursion the Land of the Rising Sun is that Team FCF is no more: I have disassociated myself with Hajime Ohara after our team failed to defeat TAJIRI and Naomichi Marufuji (of NOAH fame) at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on Sunday, May 15.

Ohara was under tight scrutiny in Tokyo (photo by Yuichi Kojima)

First of all, I have to say that I was greatly honored to be in the ring opposite Marufuji, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest active pro wrestlers today out of Japan.  The man is just an amazing talent, and I would one day love to get the chance to wrestle him one-on-one.  Time will tell if that comes to fruition!

Marufuji elbow smashes StarBuck with full force (photo by Yuichi Kojima)

Ohara had been on an extended losing streak as of late, and I had forwarned Ohara that he had better bring his A-game to the matches when I arrived in Japan. After falling to Marufuji’s Sliced Bread finishing drop, Ohara pleaded with Yours Truly in an attempt to make amends for his shortcomings in that bout. I had however made up my mind that I was moving on, and in so doing I dropped my former teammate with my infamous spike piledriver, shocking the fans on hand into stunned silence.

The Tokyo crowd is hushed as I have dropped Ohara (photo by Susumu Tobari)

The next night on May 16 in Osaka, I clashed with Ohara in the main event of the card, making our separation final. Ohara fought tooth and nail for all he was worth, putting up a valiant and spirited fight, but in the end I managed to catch him out with a double-thrustkick to the abdomen, which set him up for my piledriver once again. The finishing pinfall was academic at that point, as there was no way Ohara was rising any time soon.

War of attrition! (photo by Nobuya Iwatsubo)

After the match, I took the microphone and made a public statement to my former charge, telling him “No more FCF, no more Ohara!”. This only served to incite Ohara more, so much so that he tried to attack me with his last reserves, but I quickly pummeled him into the ground, bringing out TAJIRI to pull us apart before I could inflict further damage.

The definitive pinfall as StarBuck defeats Ohara (photo by Nobuya Iwatsubo)

At this point, all I can say is that I have already amassed a new contingent, and very soon I will release the blockbuster announcement about my new team to the world!

Japanese pro wrestling will never be the same.

Get ready!

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