On November 1st in Stockholm, Sweden, STHLM Wrestling is holding their biggest card of the year, called There Will Be Blood III.  Where we in Finland have Talvisota (Winter War) as our flagship show of the year and WWE has Wrestlemania, this November 1st showdown in Stockholm is looking to be a sizzler.

I was called up by the promotional end of STHLM Wrestling to tend to some business at their end that has the entire city up in arms.  A national hero and former Olympic champion named Frank Andersson was attacked unceremoniously by a younger wrestler named Ken Malmsteen a couple of months back.

Frank Andersson is back after a 20-year absence from the ring.

Frank Andersson is back after a 20-year absence from the ring.

Frank Andersson used to wrestle for WCW back in 1993 and has even grappled in New Japan Pro Wrestling in the early ’90s.  Ken Malmsteen took the liberty of blindsiding Frank and kicking him in the head, but regardless of his actions, he also lost the STHLM Wrestling championship to Andersson on a different occasion just a short spell ago.  Frank Andersson, who is now 58-years of age, made his comeback in pro wrestling on September 6th this year, where in Stockholm, in his first bout in 20 years, he became the new STHLM Wrestling titleholder.

Now, I’ve been here and there, and just about everywhere, wrestling all kinds of matches under various circumstances in my 20 years in the wrestling business.  On November 1 in Stockholm, this Last Man Standing match be something that I’ll be heartily looking forward to.  Young upstarts like Malmsteen, who have not yet seen the world and the realities of the pro wrestling business, need to be taught serious lessons.  At There Will Be Blood III, I’m looking at beating Malmsteen from pillar to post, battering him into a crimson pulp, for what he did to a legend from his own country.  Kids like this have to be taught the hard way, and I’ll be more than happy to show him the workings of the meat grinder of correction.

Ken Malmsteen should be looking into his personal insurance policy beforehand, because on November 1st, he will be subjected to a world of hurt in the main event of the evening!  Frank Andersson should be smiling when all is said and done after this.

STHLM Wrestling There Will Be Blood III

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