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Finally, and long-awaited, here is the scorching “Devil’s Daughter” music video from my southern rock act, Crossfyre, with a story conducted by my wife and I, directed by Yours Truly:

I think I’ve got me a future in the movie biz after this one, hahahaaa!

I just laid down vocals this afternoon in the studio for Mad Croc Racing‘s new theme, as written and recorded by my southern blues rock outfit, Crossfyre.

Yours Truly laying the vocal smack down at Studiioman Studios for Mad Croc Rock

With Crossfyre mainman Danny Cross’ Studioman Studios serving as the scene of the crime, “Mad Croc Rock” was given the breath of life (with apologies to God above), and I have to believe that this tune is going to be a hit.

Danny Cross at the engineering sound desk recording the Mad Croc theme

The main songwriter for the tune was Crossfyre’s second guitarist Jaakko Kinnari, who did a helluva job, constructing a catchy, classic rock-flavored main riff that carries the song from beginning to end.

Jaakko Kinnari lets a solo rip at the Finnish 2011 Tirmo Blues Festival

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