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Hey folks, I just arrived back home from laying down amendments and additional background vocals for my hard rock band Overnight Sensation‘s upcoming Life’s a Bitch debut album, out later this year.

Guitarist Jan Tilles and I hopped the train to Jyväskylä on Wednesday evening, where we picked up my friend Christian Palin (Random Eyes, Beyond Belief, ex-Adagio), who served as background vocalist and the go-to guy for harmonies on our upcoming album.

Christian Palin belts out the melodies and supporting harmonies for us.

I finished all of my corrections and retakes yesterday, and Christian finished his backing vox today, leaving Jan to work on the piano arrangements for our ballad Nothing to Gain, along with solos for the rest of the songs on the album.  Nora Niemispelto from the all-girl band Hormonés will also be adding her acoustic guitar playing expertise tomorrow to our track Highway of Lost Souls.

Jan Tilles lays the smack down in the studio.

It was great to see my old friend Samuel Hoisko drop by today at Drumforest Studios in Viitasaari, Finland, where we were recording with engineer Nikke Niemispelto.  Samuel was the songwriter and guitarist from my very first real band here in Finland, power metal group Hallowed, back in 1999.

Samuel Hoisko from Hallowed back in the day dropped by to say hello.

So basically what we are looking at is 11 originals for the album, ready to be mixed after this weekend, for the Life’s a Bitch album.

Stay tuned for further updates as they develop!

Jan Tilles shows the list of corrections and additions for the final album recordings.

I just finished a 3-day jaunt of vocal recordings at Drumforest Studios in Viitasaari, Finland with engineer Nikke Niemispelto and my good friend Christian Palin (Random Eyes, Beyond Belief, ex-Adagio) serving up a fabulous set of backing vocals to my leads.

Yours Truly mugs for the camera between takes.

I have to admit that Drumforest is one of the best places I have ever recorded at, and the fact that it is out of the way, in the middle of the forest, really helps the artist to relax and focus on the task at hand.  Drumforest also offers lodging, as their studio is built into an old wooden school building, which offers wicked acoustics with its 100-year-old bulky beams.  Acclaimed sound engineers such as Mikko Karmila (Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Swallow The Sun, Amorphis, Sonata Arctica, etc.) venture all the way out to central Finland to record artists at Drumforest Studios because of the superb quality of its acoustics.

Christian Palin shows who the gatekeeper at Drumforest really is!

Melodic maestro and vocalist extraordinaire Christian Palin brought a hell of a lot of useful ideas and background vocal arrangements to the fore.  This guy shreds on tape, and his work with Adagio and Random Eyes has been stellar.  I highly recommend him to any bands that need someone who can pull off Stryper-like melodic hooks and has a definitive knack for hit melodies.  Christian most definitely spiced up our Overnight Sensation songs, making them sound bigger than life.

Nikke Niemispelto, the boss at Drumforest Studios, tweaking the audio inputs for the vocals.

As it stands right now, with Overnight Sensation we have 11 killer, hard rock cuts for our upcoming Life’s a Bitch album.  I have finished all of the lead vocals, and only a few songs need backing vox anymore.  Next month I believe that the recording process should be entirely finished, and from there on out it’s all about editing and mixing en route to the dawning day of the album release.

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