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This past week, I finished the last remaining vocal tracks at Seawolf Studios in Helsinki for the upcoming Crossfyre album, “Iron Horse”.


Captain ‘Buck lays down the verbal barrage for “Iron Horse”

I laid down vocals for four remaining numbers, including Rolling Stones cover Jumping Jack Flash.  I know that song has been covered to near-death, but we arguably pulled it off in spades, as studio engineer Hannu Leiden was quick to point out.  Hannu has heard everything under the sun, being the vocalist for Havana Black himself, and having gigged far and wide with a variety of acts, in addition recording a literal list of who’s who artistically.


Hannu Leiden recording the last vocals for “Iron Horse” at Seawolf Studios

So as it stands, “Iron Horse” will have 10 originals and two covers, the other being Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower, which is one of my personal favorites when we play live.


Crossfyre bassist and backing singer Dan Rönnbacka waits his turn as StarBuck approves the tunes

“Iron Horse” will be mixed shortly by Hannu Leiden at Seawolf Studios, and the album will be released later this year.  Personally, I am hoping for a summer 2013 release, as Crossfyre will play a German mini-tour in July, in addition to the Southern Rock & BBQ Fest in Hyvinkää, Finland, which will be headlined by Skinny Molly & Monsters Southern Rock (featuring members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Foot and Molly Hatchet).