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This past Saturday night, November 12 in Oslo, Norway, I met the challenge of Norwegian wrestling pioneer “The Icon” Erik Isaksen, as he vied for my coveted SMASH Championship.

Indeed, my old rival Isaksen put forth one hell of an effort, as he tried to wrestle the title away from me.  The match was spirited to say the least!

Isaksen – a former Eurostars European Wrestling Champion, a former Norwegian Champion, a former IWS Intercontinental Champion and former FCF Champion – is one of the top names in European pro wrestling today.  He and I had a storied rivalry between 2003-2005 that still is talked about to this day in wrestling circles around Scandinavia.  I respect Isaksen as one tough SOB and a very qualified wrestler to boot.

Yet, on the eve of November 12, 2011 at Oslo’s Bul-Salen, StarBuck pulled out the duke after 22:03 to retain the SMASH Championship, piledriving Isaksen two times to secure the victory and retain the title.  All I could do was lay on the mat out of exhaustion after the conclusion of the epic encounter, content with the knowledge that I was still the SMASH Champion.

I feel compelled to also make not of the fantastic NWF Championship match at the same PowerSLAM IX event, where Champion Victor Dale fell to Aron Frost in the crowning of a new titleholder.  I highly recommend either one of these chaps to any and all promoters out there, as two pros who put it all on the line and delivered one hell of a captivating and intense fight that anyone and everyone could believe in.

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Yesterday, Norway’s NWF (Norwegian Wrestling Federation) announced that their country’s pro wrestling pioneer “The Icon” Erik Isaksen will challenge me for the SMASH Championship on Saturday, November 12 at PowerSLAM IX in Oslo.

Back between 2003 – 2005, Isaksen and I engaged in a vicious and bloody feud that spanned over three countries, as we waged war over gold and honor in Finland, Norway and Italy.  What really spurred our vitriol was the fact that Erik broke my left ankle in an August 2003 match in Norway, fracturing the tibia and fibula bones so that the doctors had to use eight screws and three metal plates to reconstruct the damage.

Heteslag 2005 in Oslo - StarBuck beats Isaksen bloody in a vicious feud

During our feud, I won the IWS Intercontinental Championship from Isaksen in the summer of 2005, only to lose it back to him in a No Holds Barred match in Oslo a week later.  That latter match still stands as one of the top 10 matches of both of our careers.

Isaksen and I traded the IWS Intercontinental title back and forth in 2005 (photo: Kari Helenius)

Now in 2011, both Erik and I are older, wiser and there is no more bad blood between us.  Our issue was laid to rest many years ago, but there is a distinct possibility that this coming Saturday at PowerSLAM IX in Oslo the bad blood will resurface as Isaksen tries to wrestle the SMASH Championship away from me.  The SMASH Championship is my pride and glory, the highest achievement of my career, and I do not plan on losing to Isaksen, no matter how talented and capable he is as a professional wrestler and challenger.

Isaksen hoists StarBuck at Pro Wrestling Finlandia's Reckoning Day event in August 2005 (photo: MTS)

I am going into Oslo this coming Saturday expecting the hardest fight that Erik Isaksen has within his bones.  Anything less would not be worthy of the SMASH Championship.

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