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Attention: I have extended the application time for my wrestling course at Amin Asikainen’s Ringside Gym in Espoo, Finland.  Although the course started today (April 14), you can still apply and join up over the next two weeks.  Send me an email to: starbuck (AT) fightclubfinland (DOT) com, and take hold of this unique, grappling opportunity!

I will be coaching an exclusive pro wrestling beginners’ course at Amin Asikainen’s Ringside Gym in Espoo, Finland, starting on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

For any and all that are seriously interested in this opportunity to step up to the plate and show their wares, I welcome you to challenge yourself and enter a demanding course that covers areas such as body control, coordination, balance, fluidity, acrobatics and stamina.

This is your chance to learn from a former 3-time European champion/SMASH champion/4-time FCF champion/2-time Italian champion/German tag team champion, who has toured 17 countries in pro wrestling and been in the ring with the top competition worldwide.

I recommend this course to anyone who is athletically-inclined and can think “outside the box”. Mainly, the beginners’ course will cover mat-based techniques, chain wrestling, holds and counter-holds and various take-downs over a 10-week period.  Regardless of whatever your current fighting art is, adding effective pro wrestling techniques and attributes to your repertoire can only help you to become a more complete fighter overall.

The entry fee is 150 Eur/person and for those who are seriously interested, make an open application and send it to me by Apirl 12th, complete with a current photograph of yourself, your height, weight, age and athletic background: starbuck (AT) fightclubfinland (DOT) com

This coming Saturday evening, Dec. 17 in Espoo, Finland at the brand new Ringside Gym – run by my buddy, former European Middleweight Boxing Champion, Amin Asikainen, and his manager Pekka Mäki – I will be grappling with FCF sophomore sensation Kristian Kurki in a special chain wrestling challenge match.

The event starts at 18:00 and is entitled Ringside Fight Night, featuring four pro boxing matches in addition to myself against Kurki and FCF Wrestling’s human tank Ibo Ten against former 4-time FCF Champion, Valentine, in another chain wrestling challenge match.  The event is set to be streamed via the Internet, so keep your eyes peeled if you are not able to be with us in person at the show.

In the boxing portion of the card, it will be Finland’s Jarkko Putkonen (1-0) vs. Stanislavs Leonovs of Latvia (2-2-2), Finland’s Niko Jokinen (15-0-5) vs. Sergej Drob of Lithuania (1-1), Arne Ernstsen of Norway debuting vs. Maksims Semjonovs of Latvia (0-3) and Andreas Evensen of Norway (14-2, 6 KOs) vs. Sergio Prado of Spain (5-3-1, 1 KO).

Also on the same evening of Saturday, Dec. 17th FCF Wrestling presents Kallio Rumble in Helsinki starting at 19:00 with a Royal Rumble-style battle royale topping the card, where FCF Champion “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä must start the match and every two minutes a new man enters, until the man left standing at the end who has not been eliminated over the top rope then walks away with the FCF Championship title.

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