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I blogged a couple weeks back about the amazing experience I had wrestling in front of the Swedish fans in Malmö,  Sweden at SWS Wrestling‘s Wrestlingpalatset show.  Well, here is a video piece with clips of that match, plus an interview with Yours Truly (in English)…

Also a brief reminder, that this Friday night, April 20 in Helsinki, Finland, I will be challenging “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä for the prestigious FCF Championship at Jatkosota 2012.  There is a slight possibility that a few tickets might be available at the door on the night of the event (start time 20:00), if you have not scored your tickets in advance through as of yet.

You DO NOT want to miss this one!

See you at the matches!

I wrote an upcoming article today for The Wrestling Press (which will be out at the end of this month) about what I believe to be pro wrestling’s sacred Valhalla in Europe: Malmö, Sweden.

I wrestled in Malmö just a week back for SWS Wrestling.  My opponent was Gothenburg’s Bad Buddha, one of the top wrestlers in Sweden today.  To describe the 500-strong sell-out audience as electric would be a vast understatement … they were magical in response.  It didn’t matter what was on the menu, be it headlock takeovers or plain old bodyslams, the Malmö audience popped for everything.  My finishing piledriver received such an ear-shattering response that you’d think everyone in the building won the lottery simultaneously.

Surreal would be a fitting description of the atmosphere at Malmo’s Wrestlingpalatset venue.  During my match, I thought to myself, “If only every audience were this easy, our job would be a cakewalk!”.  Yeah, if only.

The SWS crew down in Malmö knows that they are spoiled.  Spoiled rotten is more like it.

One can only be envious.

(Photos by Mike Ruebsamen)