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On October 6th in Nurmes, Finland at Pielisareena, I will challenge new FCF Wrestling Champion, King Kong Karhula, for his title in a his first defense to date at an event entitled Karjalan Turpakäräjät. The local event promoter in Nurmes is pushing this event hard and heavy, and things are looking fantastic as we edge closer to the big day!

Needless to say, this is a huge test for Karhula, who has finally achieved the top of the proverbial mountain, winning his first notable championship after seven years in the wrestling business, back on August 25 in Helsinki. It was then that Karhula pinned 4-time FCF Champion, Valentine, in the finals of the FCF title tournament. It goes without saying, but regardless, the hunter has now become the hunted, and good ol’ StarBuck is a 4-time FCF Champion as well.

As I have a few weeks now to recouperate from the damaged neck that I suffered in Japan at the hands (read: feet) of TAJIRI on September 1st in Toyohashi, and during this time I will be focusing all my energies returning to 100% physical condition, so that when October 6th rolls around, I will have a very real chance of scoring my fifth FCF title to date.

Last month in August, Finnish professional wrestling hit its nine-year anniversary, and I could think of nothing better than reeling in my fifth FCF Championship reign to benchmark this milestone landmark in Nurmes, Finland at Karjalan Turpakäräjät next month!

King Kong Karhula, I hope that you are ready, because this old dog is hungry and feeling downright ornery!!!

The entire Karjalan Turpakäräjät card reads:

FCF Championship match: King Kong Karhula (champion) vs. StarBuck (challenger)

Hardcore match: Bjørn Sem (Norway) vs. Vladimir Petrov (Russia)

Triple Threat match: Stark Adder vs. Valentine vs. Jessica Love

Intergender tag team match: Sara Elektra & Vili Luupää vs. Aurora Flame & Ricky Vendetta

Battle of masked men: Angel de Tormentá vs. Perkules

Opening match: Johnny McMetal vs. Murskaaja Mieto


Karjalan Turpakäräjät
6.10.2012 start time 18:00 (doors open 17:00)
Tickets 14€ (age 12-17 tickets 10€).
Must be at least 12-years of age to attend.

In cooperation with Sokos Hotel Bomba and Hyvärilä Holiday and Youth Center.
Accommodation & hotel booking for event: and

FCF Wrestling just announced a huge match-up for Punishment in Porvoo 2 on Sunday, March 11 in Porvoo, Finland: StarBuck vs. Jessica Love for the #1 contendership to the FCF Championship, currently held by “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä.

Gender bending fan favorite Jessica Love and myself could not be further apart as polar opposites.  Jessica embodies the alternative lifestyle of the modern age that is being pushed hard in the media and everywhere, whereas I represent the old school right down to the man being the head of the house and women wanting it that way.  Jessica is a high-flying risk-taker, I stick to the basics to get the job done as efficiently and simply as possible.

As much as we have traveled together to Japan to wrestle on multiple occasions, Jessica and I have never really gotten along.  We have more or less tolerated each other, for the sake of the business that we are in.  I know Jessica Love has never really cared for StarBuck, nor have I ever really cared for Jessica Love.  Perhaps you could say that in this respect, we are natural enemies.

Now, in one week’s time at Punishment in Porvoo 2, Jessica Love and myself vye for the #1 contender status as it relates to the FCF Championship.  I have held that title belt four times to date.  Jessica is still looking for that elusive first time to wear the FCF Championship.

Jessica Love will have to bring the damnedest fight that he/she has within him/her on Sunday, March 11th.  Anything less will spell 100% sure defeat for the gender bender, because Jessica Love knows that StarBuck shows no remorse and gives no quarter.

Jessica Love has quickly risen in popularity in FCF Wrestling and in Japan with the SMASH organization over the past two years.  I am sure Jessica would love to rise above StarBuck and cement a personal legacy in professional wrestling by one day becoming the FCF Champion – a title that has changed hands on two continents and has been held by five different nationalities since its inception, making it one of the most sought-after titles in the world of European professional wrestling.

There’s only one problem though.  That problem is named StarBuck.

Jessica Love will need more than Lady Luck to topple this veteran in Porvoo on March 11th.  Jessica is going to need a miracle.

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This coming Friday, September 2nd, FCF Wrestling will come to the city of Lahti, Finland at 8-Sali with a night of action entitled Lahden Löylytys (more or less Lahti Ass-Whoopin’ in English).

This occasion marks only the second time in history that pro wrestling will have been seen in Lahti, as FCF’s predecessor Pro Wrestling Finlandia (PWF) ventured there in early 2006, appearing at the same venue.  On that PWF show I was the Finnish Wrestling Champion, defending my title against a rookie Valentine.

This time around at Lahden Löyöytys on September 2nd, I face the mysterious masked villain Dr. No, as Valentine faces the hottest rookie in Finland today, Kristian Kurki, who also stole Valentine’s long-time valet Barbie from underneath his nose this past summer.  Also on the card, FCF Champ “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä defends his title against Russian brute Vladimir Petrov, Jessica Love faces Johnny McMetal, Ibo Ten battles Kage Manguro plus one more match will still be announced for the card.

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