A life virtually spent on Facebook?

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Life coaching, Social commentary

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend about the impact of Facebook on people’s lives, and she really had a poignant criticism when she surmised, “If someone asks you what you spent the last five years of your life doing, as in the majority of the time, it would really be sad if you had to admit you spent it on Facebook.”

I have to absolutely agree.

Our generation and society at large is hooked on Facebook, and hell, you’ll even find a link to this article on the said media.  A very good friend of mine recently stated that Facebook has become a whole independent Internet inside of the Internet.  Scary thought, actually.

Think about this: you wake up in the morning, you open your computer and log on to Facebook.  You get to work and open up Facebook, and you’re on it all damn day at your employers’ expense.  You get home in the evening, and you log on to Facebook again.

A life spent on the Internet is not a life worth living, period.  Are you living, or are you virtually alive?  There is a world of difference there, folks.

It’s sadder than sad to see some people completely live their lives through the Internet.  Relationships are built and destroyed on Facebook, from idiotic misunderstandings of context regarding the written word to jealousy over “friends” of the opposite gender.

It’s absolutely numbing to think how much the Internet at large controls peoples’ lives in general, actually.  Instead of investing time in one’s own relationships or hobbies where you actually have to DO something and produce something worthwhile, the Internet offers an easy way out, where you can just drift in cyberspace and get lost in a virtual world full of nothing that will make your life better in the big picture.

Some people say, “I use to Internet as a resource for information,” – yeah, maybe 10% of your time in cyberspace tops.  The rest of the time is spent reacting to emails, restlessly surfing and switching between websites full of entertainment of whatever sort, and numbingly wondering what site you should check out next, so as to kill your increasing boredom?

Is that YOU?

Get a LIFE!

Plain and simple, get off the Internet and start living.  Start doing old school stuff like hiking, camping out, enjoying nature, sports, cooking, crafts, or whatever actually propels you into becoming a better, more complete and satisfied person.

I made the choice to restrict time spent on the Internet, because I found that my life was just wasting away one minute at a time out in cyberspace, and I wasn’t getting anything worthwhile in return.  Hey, I thank God every day for being able to go out there and make my dreams reality.  That is exactly what I’m doing, when I leave tomorrow to fly out to Japan to wrestle in the top matches of the SMASH promotion’s cards in Tokyo and Osaka.  Life is all about the experiences, and you’ll have none of those on the Internet, unless you get caught in Internet fraud or something similar.

All you’ve got is one shot at glory, one life to live.  After that, it’s too late for regrets.

Start living, turn off the computer.

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