English coaching the new Random Eyes album

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Music

I have been in the studio this past week, doing lyric and English coaching with Random Eyes singer Christian Palin, as his band prepares to release their third LP this coming spring.

I have known Christian for about 10 years, and I was even the best man at his wedding back in the day. I honestly hold him to be one of the best melodic metal vocalists in Finland today, although he is only half-Finnish, his Mom being from Uruguay in South America.

Christian was a big favorite to win Finland’s X Factor reality TV competition series last year, but he lost interest in the format and dropped out of the finalist group after making a lot of headway and raising considerable attention.

By Tuesday this coming week, we have to have all of the material in the can, as Wednesday I am leaving for Japan to wrestle once again for SMASH on January 29+30 in Tokyo and Osaka.

Christian Palin (on the right) is one of the best metal vocalists in Finland

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