Posted: February 3, 2011 in Life coaching, Social commentary

I have to admit something. I’m not very in-tune with what’s happening in the world. The first time I heard that a guy named Obama was running for US President, I asked ”Obama who?”, wondering if some Arab was running for office. Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Fact is, I have totally shut myself out of the mainstream media and happenings in pop culture across the board – and there is a reason to that. I find that it adds nothing to my life, offers nothing of personal value, nor does it stimulate me at all in a positive manner.

Look at the Swine Flu H1N1 ”epidemic” – and consider that no one even talks about it anymore! Wasn’t that like current just yesterday? The medicinal drug industry sold you a sales pitch and you bought it, just like the old PT Barnum addage ”never give a sucker an even break”. Now families who took the antedote to the Swine Flu face a strong probability of narcolepsia showing up. I hear cash registers singing along to the next ”cure” all the while.

By the way, have y’all ever considered that the drug industry is one of the main financial monoliths in the world, one which world governments borrow money from, increasing their national debts? Anyone remember the SARS epidemic? Whatever happened, huh? Same coming of the same old cavalry, dressed up in a different cloak of charade.

All across the board on so many fronts, we’ve been duped. We’ve been suckered in, and we’ve played the role of the brainless fool.

But who is behind this mess? I mean right at the top, on the peak of the mountain? Who is desensitizing the masses in a clear ploy to run their own agenda through? Who is responsible for foiling all of us hapless sheep? Do we even want to know, or is the power of fear so great that we would rather play along and let sleeping dogs lie?

From food addatives labelled E-something to vaccinations that break down your own biological immune system to genetically manipulated food production to the ”meat of the matter” that the media focuses on – we are living in a state of coma. And those on top of the mountain cashing in are MAKING SURE we stay in a state of coma.

Chemical food addatives are simply not made for the body, proven by the immense amount of burgeoning allergies and sicknesses, especially across the free world. Consider the sheer amount of drugs being sold to ”help” the symptoms, and it translates into huge business. Speaking of addatives and manipulated food products, nowadays it takes three times as long for carcasses to rot in the cemetary, which really says something and makes you wonder what all that crap is doing to your body while you still live!

The human immune system was designed to create a counter for oncoming viruses and infections, and it cannot function as designed if constantly fed foreign code that mixes up the signals and shuts off certain internal functions.

Want a definitive example? Consider the steroid testosterone, which the body produces as the dominant male sex hormone, which is also found in women at 1/10 of the rate in men. Synthetic testosterone tells one’s body to shut down natural testosterone production because an outside source is feeding the machine.

On another front, take into consideration kids whose parents are overtly sanitary-conscious. Many of these kids are sicker than proverbial dogs because their immune system never gets built up. When I was a kid, heck, I’d eat rocks! Consider that only in the last century have we come up with chemical cleaning aides and how long has the flushable toilet been around anyway?

Biologically manipulated food is another matter altogether, where nutritional deficiency is the key word of the day. In past times, nomads would cultivate a certain spot of land until the soil would no longer produce as it should. They knew it was time to move on to a new patch of farming area and let the land heal itself. Our soil has been depleted of nutrients a long, long time ago, and we still keep churning out ”food” with the help of chemical addatives, pesticides and fertilizers. Everything in the eco-system serves a purpose folks, even those damn worms and bugs.

And then we have the manipulated message sent by the mass media at large, which is orienteered to make you NOT think. It’s quite literally a case of you zoning out and tuning in – almost akin to meditation and clearing the mind – soaking in the message of the boob tube as you immerse yourself in the created distraction. The people behind the curtain know this and they do not want you to think on your own, folks. They know that if they manage to keep you distracted with all forms of clatter and clutter, no matter the form in which you consume it – through the eyes, ears, nose or mouth – you will play along in the grand scheme just fine. Above all, it’s important to keep you ENTERTAINED, folks. No substance, no true grit. And as we speak of entertaiment I bring back to mind the words of PT Barnum aforementioned, and no one wants to be a sucker – do they?

Point blank, I have lived for 14.5 years in Europe, where the media and information stream carries a considerably different slant, angle and tone as compared to the North American media stream. All you need to see my point is watching or reading news broadcasts from various countries and you will get a different slant from each outlet. Especially in the area of world politics where personal vested interests – and the financial backing of those behind the curtain – play into how the stories are portrayed to the public, you will be fed a different version of the ”truth” and ”facts” depending on your demographic and cultural area. That, folks, is called manipulation.

All of this brings to mind the old Greek ideology of the Chain of Being. If you take one link out of the great chain, chaos ensues and it falls apart. This equally brings to mind the words of Christ, ”You will know the tree by the fruit that it bears”, and that said, our society is sick sick sick – and the downward spiral seems be accelerating.

Don’t ponder – CONSUME! Don’t think – ACT! Don’t question – OBEY

I quote the words of Brad Pitt in the pivotal movie Fight Club, which carried a prolific message overall, ”We spend our lives working jobs that we hate to but sh*t that we don’t need”.

Pitt played the enlightened half of the split personality of the fed up rat race slave Edward Norton in that film, and boy did they ever hit the nail on its proverbial head. Pitt lived in a beated down old, abandoned house in the middle of an industrial area, where the basement flooded and the roof dripped. Norton lived in a posh apartment with all the luxuries of life, before he blew it sky high in his internal emptiness. Check that flick out, folks – and it’s not just entertainment, it’s a definitive eye-opener with a surprising amount of substance.

It’s time to call for a personal revolution. Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. Turn off the Internet. Don’t pick up the newspaper. It’s time to cleanse the mind, body and soul. Get out of the house, out of the office, and get active and make a difference out there. Moreso, start being proactive, start contributing to your fellow man and you will get more out of this life – guarandamnteed.

When you get out of saturating, pouring rain you will start to see things from a totally new perspective. Above all, you will start seeing things for what they truly are – without the window-dressing and deceitful hype.

You have got to recognize the enemy – the one that keeps you from a quality life that has meaning and substance. And with one life to live there is no time to waste.

Revolution NOW!

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