Rocking Hyvinkää with Overnight Sensation

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Music

Last night my band Overnight Sensation played a red-hot show at Ravintola Pelikenttä in Hyvinkää, alongside local bands Steel Liver Society and Caralho Voador, the latter of which is a Faith No More tribute act.

The locals didn’t know us from Joe, so we definitely had to win them over, and so we did as we stepped on stage at 11pm following Voador’s act.  This was a no-frills bar with no window-dressing, but once Overnight began to kick out the jams, no one was left cold. And I’m not exaggerating here.

Even Huey Lewis wore his sunglasses at night!

Our set was the following:

Jumping Jack Flash (Rolling Stones)

Wet and Wild

Cult Creation

Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)

Jezebel´s Addiction

Fool Like You

Soul Gone Missin´

Rock and Roll All Night (KISS)

Gotta Get Some Action (Hellacopters)

Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent)

Ace of Spades (Motörhead)
All in all a very good, energetic outing for us, with people dancing and singing away to the covers.

Next up for us, more studios!

Bleeding charisma for smalltown, Finland

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