Overcoming the odds

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

Last night at SMASH.14 at Shinjuku FACE arena in Tokyo, I downed former AWA World Champion Takao Omori in an ultra-physical match in 16:33.

After Omori tried to do me away with a backdrop piledriver, I blocked his attempts several times in order to finally capitalize on his wounded left ankle and knee, allowing me to drill Omori into the canvas with my own spike piledriver for the fatal pinfall.

StarBuck's piledriver finishes off the Japanese big man, Takao Omori

Omori chopped my chest raw and put up one hell of a fight, for which I can only applaud him.  He gave it his all, but in the end, the lord and master of FCF Wrestling stood tall once again to rapturous applause in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Next month at SMASH.15, I will face former ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer on the top of the card, but can Dreamer survive StarBuck’s piledriver?

For more infos go to www.smashxsmash.jp

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