StarBuck vs. Tommy Dreamer headlining SMASH.15

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

In just over two weeks time, I will be heading back to the promised land of pro wrestling in Japan to face former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Tommy Dreamer in the main event of SMASH.15, which is the first anniversary milestone for the company.

Two nights ago, I had dinner with SMASH president Mr. Sakai in Tokyo, where he told how SMASH has become the fastest growing company in Japanese wrestling.  This is obvious, from the media and fan response, in addition to myself being voted by the fans nationwide as the fifth most popular foreign wrestler in the country over 2010 amongst all promotions.  Considering the fact that workers like Prince Devitt and Giant Bernard, who have been in Japan for several years, beat me in the poll for top gaijin, I can only be honored by the fact that the Japanese fans took note of me within a half a year after my debut for a new company, voting me into the top five.

SMASH.15 will be held at Korakuen Hall, one of the oldest venues for pro wrestling in the country.  This Spring 2011 season, SMASH will also be expanding across Japan, holding cards in places like Nagoya and Osaka as regular stops on the touring route.

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