Wrestling from East to West

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

It’s been a hectic week for good ol’ StarBuck, I tell ya.  Last Monday I flew out to Tokyo to take part in SMASH.15 at Korakuen Hall on March 31 and as soon as I got home to Finland I hit the tour bus to wrestle in Kuopio, 5 hours north of Helsinki on Sunday, April 3.

At SMASH.15 I downed DDT roster wrestler Yoshiaki Yago in 11:18 with my famous jumping spike piledriver after a spirited duel where Yago tried (unsuccessfully) several times to get me to submit.  For a comprehensive gallery of action photos of my match against Yago, click HERE.

At FCF Wrestling’s Savon Selkäsauna on April 3, I lost a very hard-fought battle against Finnish wrestling veteran Stark Adder in about 20 minutes of classic & solid, old school wrestling.  I thoroughly enjoyed wrestling against Adder, who is one of my favorite opponents, simply due to the fact that our styles mesh so well against each other.  Adder pinned me with a hard-earned backslide surprise victory out of nowhere.

Stark Adder in a very uncomfortable chinlock (photo by Marko Simonen)

Some disappointing news also: My match in Malta on April 16th was canceled due to the war in Libya, as the airspace over Malta is not considered safe.  Malta would have been my 17th country in pro wrestling, but the IWS promotion said the event would be rescheduled.  Former WWE wrestlers Carlito, MVP, Kaval and also Tajiri were on the card scheduled for April 16th, so I’m not the only one who is disappointed in the cancelation.

  1. Kukka says:

    And that’s a one hot pic Buck! ❤

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