Red Meat and the Classic Carnivore

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Life coaching, Odds and Ends, Social commentary

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately in terms of modern food and the constitution thereof.  It’s no secret that over the course of the past 10 years our world’s food production has undergone a tumultuous change in the face of increasing supply and demand.

Genetically manipulated food production is the norm of the day.  Sadly enough, that means less substance and more volume to fill up your gullet.  When raw food products like vegetables and fruits are made nutritionally deficient, our bodies get fooled and we eat more bulk to make up for the empty feeling.  Going organic means spending a hefty dime more that most people simply cannot afford the luxury of, even though it can be argued that eating organic foods only would most likely equal eating less per serving because you’d get filled up faster with more substance per food article ingested.

I have personally made a life choice to buy organic foods whenever my budget allows a bit of leeway, which believe me is not often.  That said, this past week I bought myself 3kg of pure stock bull meat, 5kg of cow’s intestines including tongue, liver and heart and ground lamb straight off of a rural farm.  Truth be told, if I could buy all of my food produce straight from a farm I would do so.  Sometimes circumstances and one’s budget don’t allow for such, but nonetheless making the choice to do so whenever possible is a step in right direction for one’s overall health.

No bullshit, know what you are putting on your plate!

I am certain that the decline in overall health in the western world is by and in large due to the nutritional deficiencies of our food.  The astounding increase in various diseases over the western hemisphere should have everyone on notice, but for some strange reason most people are willfully ignorant.  A staunch bitchslap upside the head of our society is direly needed to wake the slumbering masses up to the reality that by the time the 30-somethings out there get around to retirement, their spines and innards will be gelatin unless something changes – BIG TIME.

Don’t be duped, if there is one thing that each and every one of us should invest in, it’s our health.  To quote Brad Pitt from the movie Fight Club, “You are not your fucking khakis”.  All of the “stuff” won’t amass to a damn thing if your health goes.  So the smart ones out there will put their health first before they lay any money down for material goods of any kind.

Mind, body, spirit: that is what we are.  No way around it, no denying the facts.

If you want to be well, you must resolve to pay the price.  There ain’t a fucking Camarro in the world that is going to compensate for diabetes or for the loss of a bodily organ.  We can cross the finish line of this race of life as a broken, heaving mass, or as a winner who finishes the race and crosses the finish line at the end with their heads held high.

Me personally, I’d rather resolve to pay the price to be a winner because life is short and as Brad Pitt once again coined in Fight Club, “It’s ending one minute at a time”.

  1. Shaka says:

    Well said and you’re absolutely right. Thank God Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors, too!

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