No ands, ifs or buts = hard resolve

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Life coaching

There comes a time in every person’s life when hard resolve and absolute resolution becomes a must.

No matter what kind of relationship is in question – be it family, romantic, vocational, what have you – the truth will hurt, but it will also set you free. And after the hurt things get better, much like removing a malignant tumor.

We live in a society of convenience that disparages us from being direct and to the point, in a vain attempt to please everyone by being politically correct.

Man, I’ve grown to hate that word: Political correctness. You shouldn’t stand out, make an impact, have any rough edges nor should you dare to offend anyone by actually voicing your personal belief and opinion for the record. However, as we all should know by now, this PC approach only muddies the waters and makes them unfit to consume in any way, shape or form.

Remember the days of black and white? Ohh, that’s a nasty one, ain’t it…?

It’s ass-backward to think in such retro terms these days. Everything is much more convenient when it’s all a various shade of grey. Let sleeping dogs lie, as the saying goes.

But society becomes ill when there are no absolutes and no one stands behind any rock solid principles and no one has concrete standards. It’s like the foundation is missing from ones house, and as the winds of life blow the whole darn shack risks toppling over.

Hard Resolve is much like garlic. It stinks, it’s bitter and other people around you can’t help but notice that you have it all over you. But its health benefits are well documented and founded in scientific proof. As a matter of fact, garlic stands as arguably the world’s oldest known medicinal and culinary herb, packed with antioxidants that can help fend off cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging. Yeah, Hard Resolve and garlic have a lot in common and the ”common agent” in both is something called action.

Take action now and endure the immediate sting and momentary discomfort rather than letting the situation – whatever it may be – disintegrate into a pile of waste that could have been avoided. Hard Resolve is the answer to this, folks.

We all screw up in life, given fact. We all miss the mark, many times and often before succeeding. But the fact that we screw up isn’t at all important. Read that again: Failure is NOT important.

Recognizing the failure immediately and fixing your course, robbing the failure of any firepower to affect your life a moment longer is the key. Once again, in layman’s terms, the key is taking action. Hard Resolve.

Letting sleeping dogs lie doesn’t change a damn thing. Sweeping dirt under the carpet will only have you cussing and cursing on the day that you stumble. Leaving the moldy spot in your loaf of bread will only contaminate the whole package. Cancer unattended to will kill you.

Hard Resolve – it’s worth the trouble.

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