SMASHing across Japan

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

I just arrived back home after a week on the road in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo for a series of SMASH wrestling events.  I must say that the tour was arduous since it was smack dab in the middle of a national holiday week, and that meant traffic was backed up to Timbuktu.

In Osaka on April 30, I waged a one-night war against man-monster Leatherface, beating my sadistic opponent in 11:46 with my famous spike piledriver.  The next night in Nagoya on May 1, I tagged with FCF teammate Hajime Ohara to down TAJIRI and Ultimo Dragon when I pinned TAJIRI with the piledriver once again in 13:27.  At Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on May 3, I faced a very determined and red-hot youngster by the name of Shinya Ishikawa of Big Japan Wrestling, but my veteran experience and lethal piledriver were too much for young Ishikawa to overcome, and the pinfall came in 8:49 of a highly-spirited bout where Ishikawa showed great fighting spirit.  Photos of SMASH.17 and my match against Ishikawa can be seen here.

Next up is the SMASH Championship Tournament, starting in June with first round matches.   It will be interesting to see who I get positioned against in my first round bout…


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