fighting for the European Championship

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

This coming Saturday, May 14 I will be wrestling in Wismar, Germany.  My opponent will be Austrian ring veteran Michael Kovac, who is a former GSW and FCF Champion to name only a couple of the many titles that this man has held.  I have faced Kovac a few times previously, and each time our encounters have been nothing short of ring classics.  The difference is that this time, the TopCatch European Championship will be riding on the line, as the belt is up for grabs between me and Kovac this weekend.


I am a former 2 time European Champion for Eurostars, operated by the second oldest promotion in Europe, that being Flesh Gordon’s Wrestling Stars of France.  When I won my first Eurostars European Championship from Belgium’s Bernard Vandamme in Vantaa, Finland on Dec. 2, 2006, one of my title defenses was against Kovac on Feb. 10, 2007 in Helsinki, Finland.   I walked away from the match just barley surviving and victorious after dropping the Austrian with my famous spike piledriver after almost a half hour of combat.


Kovac and I last butted horns in Japan this past January, when I fought him at SMASH.12 in Tokyo.  We literally beat the living hell out of one another and on this occasion, Kovac managed to use some mighty stealthy tactics to pin me.  We were both battered and bruised after SMASH.12, but notwithstanding we gave everything we had in that match and it was one that we both could be proud of.

Now on Saturday, May 14 in Wismar, Germany, it’s once again Kovac and myself – two of the top wrestlers on the continent of Europe today – battling it out for European Championship gold once again.  I believe we both can say that it’s anyone’s ballgame.  I just hope to be batting one hundred.

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