Finland vs. Sweden: a wrestling showdown

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

This coming Friday, July 1 in Helsinki, I will face Sweden’s #1 wrestler Killer Karlsson in a Finland vs. Sweden battle at DOMination 2.

I’ve heard rumblings that Karlsson has long waited to face me in the ring and now this Friday he gets his big chance to make a lasting impression.  Truth be told, I vaguely recall training Karlsson as part of a group of Swedish students in Gothenburg back in 2005.  I don’t remember anything about him to be honest, other than he was one tall fella with a boxing background.

Finland and Sweden have waged a long and bitter rivalry dating back hundreds of years when Sweden ruled over Finland, and the bad blood still resides to this day.  I was on a flight back to Helsinki from Germany in mid-May this year when Finland defeated Sweden in the world hockey championships, and the noise on the airplane was deafening when news arrived before takeoff of Finland’s crushing 6-1 victory.  This defeat was indeed a bitter pill to swallow for the Swedes and Killer Karlsson is no exception to that fact.

Karlsson better bring his A-game, because he is not only facing the pioneer and legend of Finnish professional wrestling, he is facing the Lord of FCF on his own turf.

If Karlsson wants a war, he’ll get his war on July 1.  This old dog has seen nearly every battlefield there is to see out there and I have lived to tell the story…victoriously.

DOMination 2 – July 1 – BE THERE!

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