Sweden starts a war

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Professional Wrestling

On Friday, July 1 at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination II in Helsinki, Sweden’s #1 wrestler Killer Karlsson and I battled it out for Baltic supremacy in the ring.

Karlsson spited Finland with as much condescendence as he could muster before Yours Truly arrived to shut his big mouth.  The match immediately degenerated into a brawl and the intensity didn’t let up for a second over the duration.

Karlsson managed to mangle my left knee as the match wore on, which left me at less than 100% as I rallied back on offence.  My superkick attempts were thwarted three times over the course of the altercation, which is a first-time thing as far as my matches go.

In the end, Karlsson not only gave me a horrendous shot below the belt, but he also assaulted FCF timekeeper Sara when she refused to give him his Swedish flagpole after the referee had been incapacitated in the line of fire.  Karlsson proceeded to use his flagpole to beat me with it, and as the accompanying photos show, choking me out with the prop in addition.

Needless to say, the match was thrown out and I believe the official call was a no-contest after the referee could not continue officiating the match following the hit he took.

Karlsson started a wrestling war between Sweden and Finland on July 1st and lit a fire under my keister in the process, and I’ll damn sure not let this issue rest until I have gotten my comeuppance.

For more infos on the DOMination II event, go to www.wrestling.fi.  (Photos by Esa Kemppainen)


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