Not quite lucky number five…

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Professional Wrestling
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This past Friday night at FCF Wrestling’s Jatkosota 2012 event in Helsinki I challenged “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä for his FCF Championship title.  Had I procured the finishing pinfall, which by all accounts SHOULD have gone down following my spike piledriver to Ukonselkä, I would now be a five-time FCF Champion.  The fact that I am not the new champ right now boils down to FCF General Manager Robert Holmström, my Eurosport co-commentator, who really should have known better than messing with my match, and to Robert’s “surprise”, King Kong Karhula.

Heimo and I fought a rough-and-tumble, knock-down, drag-out bout, which really deserved a clear-cut winner.  Alas, Robert Holmström, with his Machiavellian imagination, spoiled the fun for everybody.  Right after my well-timed piledriver, the lights of the Old Student House venue went out and everyone was left in the dark.  Then, out of the corner of the room, from a side entrance, out comes the former Ibo Ten, who is now apparently calling himself King Kong Karhula, if the page that he opened on Facebook yesterday is any indication.  Karhula proceeded to destroy both Heimo and I, leaving us with bruised ribs after it was all said and done.

I have to hand it to Ukonselkä though.  He is often viewed as a very one-dimensional wrestler, being the burly brawler type.  My plan of attack was to actually wrestle the man down to the mat and control him there, but Heimo showed surprising counter-wrestling aptitude and managed to stem the tide.  It ended up being pretty much back and forth all the way through, with neither of us getting a clear upper hand throughout the match.

With the non-finish and sabotage of our title match, Robert Holmström upheld the FCF Championship, aided in part by the fact that he provoked Heimo into blasting him with a forearm with his egocentric verbal assault following Karhula’s attack on Ukonselkä and myself.  Holmström is obviously over-stepping his authority and misusing his power, and I am sure that he has something up his sleeve that nobody can anticipate.

Nonetheless, props to Heimo Ukonselkä for a war well fought, and Robert … I’ll see you at Eurosport next on May 14, and then you will have some explaining to do!

(Photos by Jarmo Katila /

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