Photos from Jessica Love vs. StarBuck

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Professional Wrestling
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Photographer Mikko Löppönen of HMC Indie was onhand at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 7 event this past weekend on Saturday, December 15 in Helsinki to shoot the matches.  Here are some of his prize captures from my match against transvestite wrestler Jessica Love, who finally managed to score a pinfall victory over me in 15:46 after a suicide swanton dive off the top rope.  This was undoubtedly one of the biggest victories in Jessica Love’s career, and thankfully for those who were not onhand (and shame on you if you missed this show), the advent of still photography warrants you to relive some of the action!

_BK_4514 _BK_4530 _BK_4542 _BK_4569 _BK_4585 _BK_4587 _BK_4636 _BK_4641 _BK_4655 _BK_4687_BK_4701



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