Stupid, stupid young man

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Professional Wrestling
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As often holds true in life, none of us can move ahead if we are not willing to take some risks. A calculated risk, however, is entirely different than a hasty risk. And when taking risks, one must always weigh out carefully in advance the potential rewards and payoffs of said course of action.

I have to believe that 23-year old Ricky Vendetta took an uncharted, imprudent risk last Saturday night at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 7 event in Helsinki. Ricky Vendetta chose to interject himself in the post-match happenings, following my bout with transvestite wrestler Jessica Love, who managed to score his/her first career victory over me.


Following the match, veteran grappler Stark Adder attacked Jessica Love, goading me to join the fray. Adder has had an outstanding issue with Jessica since he returned to action after a year’s absence in late-August this year, losing to the gender bender in the first round of the FCF Championship title tournament held at that time. Adder’s return wasn’t the triumphant one he was hoping for, and his frustration turned to spite in short order, bleeding through even to this day.

After I refused to take part in the post-match beatdown of Jessica Love, Adder’s new protege, Ricky Vendetta, showed up. Throwing caution to the wind, Vendetta cracked me in the back of my head from the blindside, and then proceeded to lace into me after I had my bell rung. Adder just stood there and watched, like a stick in the mud, and didn’t even bother trying to mediate the situation.

Now I have to say, that I have been friends with Stark Adder for years. Through thick and thin, we have battled at times and we have stood together at times, but there has always been a warrior’s bond between us, a mutual respect. I have vouched for Adder on countless occasions, even getting him booked outside of Finland in the past on several occasions. So that said, I am very surprised that at a key moment, such as happened last Saturday night, Adder would not have chosen to set straight his new charge. Instead, he left the omelette to burn on the frying pan.

Ricky Vendetta knew what he was getting into when he opened this latest can of worms. He knew that he was jumping on the oldest dog in the yard, the Alpha Male of the pack.  He attacked the locker room leader, and he forgot that ambition and recklessness are two different things altogether.

And for this indiscretion, Ricky Vendetta will end up paying a hellacious price. Ricky Vendetta will learn the hardest way of all, that insolence carries a price tag way beyond his fiscal/physical viability.

As Hall of Fame wrestler Arn Anderson of the Four Horsemen once quoted, ”Don’t write cheques with your mouth that your body can’t cash!”

With that thought in mind, payday come for Ricky Vendetta on January 4 in Lohja, Finland.

Buck vs Vendetta Lohja banner

Oh, and Adder: Tell Ricky that THIS is going to hurt. After all, you would know.


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