StarBuck gets married!

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Life, Odds and Ends
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Today I finally got “off the market” for good and got officially hitched to my sweetheart Diana in Espoo, Finland.

So as of March 13, 2013, you can all call us Mr. & Mrs. StarBuck!

Exchanging the nuptials with a few select, close friends as witnesses.

Exchanging the nuptials with a few select, close friends as witnesses.

with the parents

New husband and wife with the parents of the groom.

Photo by Ruut Majalahti


My stunning bride!

My stunning bride!


Certified … for life!




  1. […] StarBuck gets married!. […]

  2. Rina Marie says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful photos… wishing you the best of eternity!

  3. […] When I decided to get married in 2013 at the prime age of forty, I did so because I found an Eastern European girl from Romania who believed in the traditional roles of men and women in relationships. I found a woman who wanted the man to wear the pants and she was happy to wear the dress. And even in this case, it was because of my established character that a common Facebook friend told my wife-to-be about a man in Finland who doesn’t smoke or drink and is a solid guy. The foundation that I had laid out, even on social media, choosing to change my tone to being positive and constructive, although I was still edgy and direct, paid dividends in the long run. […]

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