Pro wrestling schooling in Finland

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Professional Wrestling
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This upcoming weekend on Saturday & Sunday, April 13-14 in Kellokoski, Finland (just on the northern rim of the city of Järvenpää), FCF Wrestling will be holding pro wrestling tryouts for a potential class of 2013.  On both days, the tryouts will take place between 12-16:00.  If chosen for the actual schooling based on one’s tryout performance, the schooling period itself is set for 9 months, held on weekends (Sat.-Sun.).

Fight Club Finland (FCF Wrestling) has a 10-year history of producing some of the top male and female wrestlers in Europe today.  Our talent arguably has a higher export rate per capita than any other wrestling promotion in Europe over the past decade.  FCF has produced export names like Heimo “The Wildman” Ukonselkä (SMASH star in Japan, current PWF Champion in Germany), Valentine (SMASH star in Japan, BWA Catchweight champion, England), Jessica Love (SMASH and WNC star, Japan), Stark Adder (IWS star, Italy and NWF star, Norway), King Kong Karhula (current FCF Champion, PWF and EPW star in Germany), Ricky Vendetta (PWF star, Germany), Kristian Kurki (SMASH star, Japan), Kisu (Wrestling Stars, France), Aurora Flame (Nordic Women’s Champion), Kage Manguro (SMASH star, Japan), Vladimir Petrov (PWF star, Germany), El Excentrico (SWS star in Sweden, BWA star in England), Pasi Suominen (PWF star, Germany) and Sly Sebastian (BWA star, England).

As a former 3-time European Champion and former SMASH Japan, I personally hold the position of head coach in FCF Wrestling’s school, ensuring that every new recruit gets the very best wrestling education, from someone who has a proven track record in our business, as attested to through Wikipedia.

If you are interested in participating, send an open email application with 2 good, recent photos of yourself to:  Registrations information should include age / weight / height, and also tell about yourself, your possible sporting background and why you want to join professional wrestling.

“The Wrestling Press” online magazine has an extensive article written by myself about the realities of FCF’s tryouts, which is recommended reading:


  1. Jake says:


    I am grateful that we finns are given a great chance to train oneself as a wrestler, but are you planning on training referees in the near future?

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