StarBuck against the “Lovable Bastard” on June 8

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Professional Wrestling
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What can you say about a man who has the gumption and guts to throw a pie into the face of his country’s king on national television?  As you would expect, this perpetrator was put on the ground by the king’s bodyguards in the bat of an eyelash and apprehended.  He was sent to the monkey house and after his release, he got beaten on several occasions by the neo-Nazi’s and skinheads in his area, for the “crime” he carried out.

Who is this man, you ask?   He is none other than Sweden’s very own Conny Mesjel, also nicknamed the “Lovable Bastard”.  I will be locking horns with him in under one week at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 9: New Blood Rising event in Helsinki.


Conny Mesjel first appeared in Finland back in March of this year, and he managed to get over with the fans immediately.  The man has a strange, albeit beligerent charisma, that people just latch on to.  His take-no-prisoners wrestling style and MMA background make him a hard bone to pick in the ring, too.

What was originally penned to be Yours Truly, as the brand new BWA Catchweight champion, against Sly Sebastian on June 8 in Helsinki has now been changed by FCF Wrestling General Manager, Kristian Kurki.  Now, Sly will face the man from whom I took the BWA title, Valentine, at DOMination 9: New Blood Rising.

I have to believe that it will be a rough-and-tumble match next Saturday in downtown Helsinki, when Captain ‘Buck tangles with Herr Mesjel.  This is once again the age-old Sweden-Finland rivalry … with a twist!



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