I just returned tonight from England, after competing at the Wrestling Rampage event at the GL1 Leisure Center in Gloucester last night, where I went up against local favorite, “English Bulldog” Matt Jarrett.  The event had a good deal of hype and press, as Jarrett and I did promotion for the show the day prior with BBC, Radio Gloucester FM and main area newspaper, The Citizen, in addition to posters well-spread all across town.

The Citizen newspaper runs a big piece on my match

The Citizen newspaper runs a big piece on my match

I downed Jarrett in our bout, retaining my title in under 10-minutes.  My opponent suffered an injury during the course of the match, which I capitalized on, dropping him with my piledriver in quick order.

I was honored to meet and get to know UK ring legend Marty Jones, with whom I had a really great chat over the ins and outs of the wrestling business, including memories of him working in my homeland of Canada for Stampede Wrestling promoter Stu Hart.  Marty had some hilarious stories about the likes of JR Foley and “Big” John Quinn, one of which entailed Stu’s pet cow Daisy being butchered up behind his back and fed to him as a rather crude prank.  Talk about a rib!

Below is a nifty, old match from the early ’80s, with Marty Jones squaring off against the legendary Dynamite Kid.  Enjoy!

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