Crossfyre video shoot gig photos

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Music
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I just thought I’d share some of these prime pics with y’all from our Crossfyre gig this past weekend at Route 66 in Kotka, Finland, where we filmed our newest upcoming music video “Devil’s Daughter”, off of our early 2014 release LP, Iron Horse.

20131130_2248_CA2_9228 20131201_0008_IMG_8161 20131201_0012_CA2_9270 20131201_0012_CA2_9281 20131201_0013_CA2_9286 20131201_0013_CA2_9291 20131201_0014_CA2_9295 20131201_0025_CA2_9303 20131201_0026_CA2_9305 20131201_0026_CA2_9308 20131201_0031_CA2_9318 20131201_0033_CA2_9327 20131201_0052_CA2_9337

All photos courtesy of Karo Holmberg

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