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Finally, and long-awaited, here is the scorching “Devil’s Daughter” music video from my southern rock act, Crossfyre, with a story conducted by my wife and I, directed by Yours Truly:

I think I’ve got me a future in the movie biz after this one, hahahaaa!

I just thought I’d share some of these prime pics with y’all from our Crossfyre gig this past weekend at Route 66 in Kotka, Finland, where we filmed our newest upcoming music video “Devil’s Daughter”, off of our early 2014 release LP, Iron Horse.

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All photos courtesy of Karo Holmberg

Last night at Route 66 in Kotka, Finland, Brother Studios shot the music video for my southern rock band Crossfyre‘s song “Devil’s Daughter”, forthcoming off of our next album, Iron Horse, out early next year.

Even at this point, prior to editing, I can say that this video is going to be smoking hot!  “Devil’s Daughter” is a story of potentially fatal temptation, with an underlying theme that is easy for just about anyone to relate to.

All-natural mineral cosmetics company Gaya Cosmetics sponsored the make-up for the girls in the video, which was a deal that my wife Diana worked out, so huge props to her!

StarBuck and wife Diana pose with Gaya's CEO Alexandra Iordachioiu

StarBuck and wife Diana pose with Gaya’s CEO Alexandra Iordachioiu

Here’s a little teaser of one of the scenes from the video, shot by director Oskari Pastila for my forthcoming documentary movie Spandex Sapiens, after which I will offer up the lyrics to the song as a foretaste.

Crossfyre vid


Lyrics: Danny Cross

Music: Danny Cross

Listen to me, brother

Got a tale for you

Forget about that woman

She’s too good to be true

She looks like an angel

She can twist a man’s head

But when she’s through with you

You’d be better off dead





She can take you to Heaven

But you’ll wind up in Hell

She’ll brainwash you

And put you under her spell

She’s the daughter of the Devil

She’s got a cold, dark heart

She can take a sane man

And just tear him apart





My southern rock band Crossfyre will be filming our second video from our upcoming Iron Horse album, for a song entitled “Devil’s Daughter”, on November 30 in the southeastern Finnish city of Kotka at Motel Route 66.

For this video shoot, we are taking open applications online, for female roles in the “Devil’s Daughter” video.  What we are looking for is about six attractive ladies between ages 18 – 35 to play short seductress roles, sans any spoken parts.  Everything is just body language and gesturing, but not to worry, there is nothing R or X-rated to worry about!  Crossfyre will also have a gig, which will be filmed in conjunction for the music video, the very same night at Route 66.

“Devil’s Daughter” is a song that tells a very simple and prolific story about certain types of women that can lead a man to ruin.  If any of you ladies out there that are reading this post wish to send in your open application for consideration to appear in the video, send an email to me at starbuck (at) by November 25, and we will inform the chosen girls via email.

Crossfyre gig poster A3 KOTKA 2013

Check out Crossfyre’s last video, Born to be Free, also from the upcoming Iron Horse album…

Tomorrow night in Kotka, Finland at Route 66, I will be acting as official host for the Rock & Wrestling Rampage event, which also features my hard rock band, Overnight Sensation, in addition to a great card of pro wrestling action.


The Rock & Wrestling event at Route 66 is restricted to anyone under the age of 18, as at half-time, there will be strippers on hand also, offering up entertainment.

Since I was diagnosed with a herniated disc between C6-C7 vertebrae on August 15, I had to withdraw from active competition, and my slated BWA title defense against the USA’s monsterous 190kg brute, Cannonball Grizzly.  FCF Wrestling signed a huge replacement main event for the Kotka card, featuring “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä, defending his PWF German championship against Cannonball Grizzly now.  Heimo faced Grizzly once previously, last year in Hannover, Germany, where the Wildman fell to the immense American ring veteran.  This colossal rematch is Ukonselkä’s chance to redeem his loss and it remains to be seen, whether he will be walking out of Rock & Wrestling Rampage as the PWF champion, when all is said and done!

Collage KOTKA event


Rock & Wrestling Rampage at Route 66


start time 20:00

Motel Road 66, Kotolahdentie 22, 48310 Kotka, Finland


We have a whole slew of shows across Finland this August slated with FCF Wrestling, and I am stoked about this!  The fact that FCF runs more events on an annual basis than 3/4 of our contemporaries out there in Europe puts us at the top of the food chain in the pro wrestling field on our continent.

On August 10 in Rovaniemi, Finland, FCF Wrestling presents Saturday Night Rock Fight at the 2013 installment of the Simerock Festival.  This is a special occasion, as the wrestling will be in the main slot of Saturday’s Simerock line-up, starting at 22:45 with five big matches on the menu.  Saturday Night Rock Fight will be headlined by Yours Truly tagging with “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä against Stark Adder and FCF champion King Kong Karhula.


Between August 16-18, FCF Wrestling will present Ragnarök 2013 at this year’s Häme Medeival Fair in Hämeenlinna, Finland.  This theme weekend, featuring reenactments and relics of the Medeival era in Nordic culture, is an annual attraction in the city of Hämeenlinna.  2013 marks the third year that FCF Wrestling has been a part of the festivities and program.  All throughout the three days, Friday to Sunday, wrestling matches will be held in a central tent on the fair grounds, three times a day.  The gimmick is that all the wrestlers must dress up in Medeival costumes and garb for their matches, adding to the flair and flavor of the whole kit and caboodle.  For more infos, go to the Medeival Fair website.


On August 24, FCF Wrestling comes to Kotka, Finland for an event entitled Rock & Wrestling Rampage at Route 66.  The catch here is, that the show is restricted to anyone under the age of 18, with alcohol and strippers on hand also.  This big event will feature five kickass wrestling matches, headlined by 185kg/188cm Cannonball Grizzly from the USA challenging me for my BWA (British Wrestling Alliance) Catchweight championship title.  This is going to be undoubtedly my toughest challenge to date, as Grizzly is a 25-year veteran of the ring wars, and the current reigning EWP (European Wrestling Promotion) heavyweight champion in Germany.  Grizzly has wrestled in 40 countries worldwide over his extensive career, and on August 24 he adds Finland to that list.  I just have to hope that I find a way by hook or by crook to retain my BWA championship at Rock & Wrestling Rampage, because I have never wrestled against anyone the size of Cannonball Grizzly before, and my active in-ring career dates all the way back to 1994!  In addition, my hard rock band Overnight Sensation will be playing live in Kotka at the same event, offering up originals and known cover songs by acclaimed artists such as The Cult, Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Motörhead and Thin Lizzy.


For more infos, go to