Russia – my 20th country in wrestling

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Entertainment, Professional Wrestling, Travel
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Just a week back I wrestled in Russia, which was a huge landmark opportunity for me.  In doing so, I finally capped off 20 countries in pro wrestling.

Looking back on my career, I have been blessed to see the world, visit four continents as a wrestler, become a name and drawing card in several promotions and stake out a legacy in the annals of wrestledom as we know it.

Russia presented a unique opportunity for me to work in the biggest country in the world.  The Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) booked me to appear in Moscow on February 27 against a wrestler of theirs named “Big Sexy Papa” Ruslan.

Ruslan vs StarBuck Russia IWF

Ruslan put up a good fight, but he was nowhere in the physical condition that I was, and I ended up trouncing him pretty damn good by the time the dust settled.  The Russian fans took to me like a fish in water, which made for a welcome reception to the former Soviet superpower.

Judging from the public response to our match, it seems like there is a rematch brewing in the booking sheets for me to return to Russia and once again tangle another round with Ruslan, who now has a much better picture of what he is up against.  Heck, I even took his girlfriend and carried her out of the venue over my shoulder, like a true caveman, adding insult to injury.  So man up, Ruslan!  What are you going to do differently the next time that you and I meet in Moscow?

Yet for me, conquering Russia was a great way to celebrate my 20th country in the game!

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