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On the 28th of May, I returned to Russia, my 20th country in pro wrestling, to face “Big Sexy Papa” Ruslan in a No-DQ rematch from our February showdown for IWF this year in Moscow.  In our first bout against one another, Ruslan not only got beaten good and proper by Yours Truly, he also suffered a concussion during our match.

This time around, Ruslan had three months to get into shape and man-up, since he wanted some retribution on me, especially after I took his girl, Nadja, for a twirl after it was all said and done and he was left laying in defeat.

A week ago, I had Ruslan battered and bloody, administering a whooping to remember, when all of a sudden, his girl Nadja got up all panicked and whimpering on the ring apron.  I have to admit, that my concentration was thrown for a loop, because I had no idea what she had in mind.  I got up in her grill and had a few choice words with her when she suddenly slapped me out of the blue!  In my flustered response, I stumbled backward, allowing Ruslan to cradle my very sweaty body with a schoolboy pin for the surprise victory!

I simply couldn’t believe what had happened!  Ruslan was down for the count, all but left for dead, and suddenly a timely assist from his girlfriend saved his hide.  Well, you can bet your wrestling-loving arse, that I’m not going to let this one rest.  I have challenged “Big Sexy Papa” one more time, to a Hardcore match, if he has the balls to accept!

As we wait for the verdict, here is a stellar gallery of photos from our latest encounter…

Just a week back I wrestled in Russia, which was a huge landmark opportunity for me.  In doing so, I finally capped off 20 countries in pro wrestling.

Looking back on my career, I have been blessed to see the world, visit four continents as a wrestler, become a name and drawing card in several promotions and stake out a legacy in the annals of wrestledom as we know it.

Russia presented a unique opportunity for me to work in the biggest country in the world.  The Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) booked me to appear in Moscow on February 27 against a wrestler of theirs named “Big Sexy Papa” Ruslan.

Ruslan vs StarBuck Russia IWF

Ruslan put up a good fight, but he was nowhere in the physical condition that I was, and I ended up trouncing him pretty damn good by the time the dust settled.  The Russian fans took to me like a fish in water, which made for a welcome reception to the former Soviet superpower.

Judging from the public response to our match, it seems like there is a rematch brewing in the booking sheets for me to return to Russia and once again tangle another round with Ruslan, who now has a much better picture of what he is up against.  Heck, I even took his girlfriend and carried her out of the venue over my shoulder, like a true caveman, adding insult to injury.  So man up, Ruslan!  What are you going to do differently the next time that you and I meet in Moscow?

Yet for me, conquering Russia was a great way to celebrate my 20th country in the game!