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The fifth full-length Hevisaurus album “Vihreä Vallankumous” (Green Revolution in english) will be out on October 25 in Finland through Sony Music.

I have designed and drawn the album cover, seen below (digital coloring by Toxic Angel).

hs album cover

Here is the first look at the cover artwork (drawn by Yours Truly) for my hard rock band Overnight Sensation‘s upcoming debut album, Life’s a Bitch.  I decided to draw the hound of Hades, Cerberus, and a hot bitch riding on him, to expound the message and irony of the album title.  As you might know from Greek mythology, Cerberus was the guard dog at the river Styx, who guarded the entryway to the underworld, or Hades.  The hot chick riding the dog espouses the idea that in our western culture, sex sells everything, and from the obvious disdainful expression on her face, you can ascertain that the girl doesn’t give a damn about those, who she chides with her whip.

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I also dropped by the SONY Music headquarters in Helsinki yesterday and was given a platinum award for the cover art I designed and drew up (painted by Toxic Angel) for HevisaurusRäyh! album last year.  In Finland, the platinum level is 20 000 sold units.  I am currently designing and drawing up the next Hevisaurus album cover, and the record should be released this autumn through SONY Music.

There might be some of you out there that aren’t aware of the little fact that I am the visual creator behind the ultra-successful Sony Music children’s heavy metal act, HeviSaurus.

A few years ago, I was approached by the band’s founding father Mirka Rantanen to conjure up characters that would capture the imagination of kids from north to south and east to west.  I have to especially thank my artist friend and contemporary Toxic Angel, who tipped off Mirka about my artistic prowess in the comic sense of the said talent, and it was through Toxic that I landed the HeviSaurus gig.  Toxic Angel is also the guy behind the coloring and finishes of the underlying art that I create for the band, as seen below on the cover of the latest HeviSaurus album Räyh!, which is a real beauty all the way around.

HeviSaurus' 3rd album Räyh! is already a huge success, even though it just came out

My inked draft of the Räyh! cover, which was colored digitally by Toxic Angel

I just stopped by the Sony Music offices this morning in Espoo, Finland, here I got a gander at the new HeviSaurus plush toys and action figures.  Who would have ever thought that my drawings would spawn a whole line of merchandise that are selling like wildfire?!  Well, I have to say that I am one proud papa, seeing how well my character creations have been received.

HeviSaurus plush toys (from L to R): Herra HeviSaurus, Milli Pilli, Komppi Momppi, Muffi Puffi, Riffi Raffi