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I will be leaving this coming Monday, July 30th for a wrestling tour with WNC (Wrestling New Classic) throughout Japan at the beginning of August.

On August 2nd at Shinjuku FACE Arena in Tokyo, I will team with AKIRA and Syuri will face TAJIRI,  Hajime Ohara and Kana in the Wrestling New Classic main event.  From there I move on with my new team to establish wrestling dominance in Osaka on August 3rd, Hiroshima on August 4th, Hakata on August 6th and Kagoshima on August 7th.

This past week, I wrestled in Rome, Italy at Rainbow Magicland, which is a huge theme park outside the city.  Every day about 10 000 people visit Magicland, and on July 24 IWS Wrestling ran a show at the establishment.  I wrestled against huge black wrestler Tiny Iron, who has been a bodyguard for bands like The Black-Eyed Peas, Beyoncé and 50 Cent.  I was disqualified in the match when Michael Kovac of Austria and Leo Cristiani of Spain interfered on my behalf.

“Half man, half amazing” Tiny Iron

This week on Saturday, July 28 I wrestle against Finnish academic standout and brash rookie Mikko Maestro in Kerava, Finland for FCF Wrestling at SummerSmash 3.

SummerSmash 3 in Kerava, Finland at 16:00 on July 28,

I write this blog following my double-countout match against the Dominican Republic’s El Dinamico last night at an IWS Wrestling event in Cavour, Italy, as we close down on FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 4 event on Thursday, June 28 in Helsinki, Finland.

A lot of people have been waiting for an awfully long time to see the next chapter in the Finland vs. Sweden wrestling rivalry that started on July 1, 2011 back at DOMination 2 in Helsinki.  It was then, that Sweden’s top gun in the wrestling game, Killer Karlsson, arrived in Finland to tangle with Yours Truly.  This coinicentally was also hot on the heels of Swedenìs crushing loss to Finland in the 2011 World Ice Hockey Championships.  The Swedes were more than bitter, whereas the Finns were more than elated to get a one-up in the sporting world over their former masters.  Karlsson had much of this same bad blood in his veins, as he landed at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in preparation for our first match last year.

So it was at DOMination 2 on July 1, 2011, that Killer Karlsson and StarBuck waged a war for the ages.  With the rabid Helsinki crowd as hot as the summer weather that sweltering night, the fans on hand witnessed Karlsson stoop to all-time lows in his attempt to upset the “Lord of FCF”, as I have been coined in Japan.  Karlsson not only assaulted me with his metal flagpole, which he brought to the ring, waving his country’s flag, he also assaulted our female FCF timekeeper at ringside, as you can witness in the following video (off of my “Finnish Fight Collection 2” StarBuck DVD, available at all FCF Wrestling events):

Killer Karlsson went back to Sweden with his head held high –  albeit questionably high, I would say – to live to fight another day.  I am sure that Karlsson realized and knew that his actions would have repercussions, and in so saying, he would have to pay the proverbial piper somewhere down the line.  That eventual reckoning day has now come, and it is signed, sealed and soon to be delivered at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki.

Killer Karlsson sent FCF Wrestling a video message about his upcoming No-Holds-Barred match with me on June 28.  He chose to be so belligerent that out of spite, he recorded his speel in Swedish (not that I understand a single word):

In kind, I thought it would be more applicable to send my message directly to Karlsson in English, so as to not leave any stone unturned:

To wrap things up, I would be taking out health insurance if I were Killer Karlsson, because when he lands in Helsinki for his No-Holds-Barred match against me at DOMination 4, there’s a high and likely chance that he won’t be walking out of DOM Discotheque on his own when the dust settles.

Tickets for DOMination 4 now available in advance through: