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Bättre Folk.  For a long time, the Swedes living in Finland have held themselves to be a step above the Finnish populace, probably stemming from the fact that Finland once used to be under Swedish rule.  That “big brother” mentality still shines through and is prevalent these days, and a LOT of people in Finland despise the snobbish attitude of the Swedish “Better People” (= Bättre Folk).

So it was this past Saturday night, at an event in downtown Helsinki, entitled DOMination 9: New Blood Rising, that this age-old pest termed Bättre Folk showed up.  We had them in the audience, I had one as an opponent, and when all was said and done, there were three of them in the ring.

Miss D give me a kiss for good luck before the match

Miss D give me a kiss for good luck before the match

When I started initially coaching Finnish wrestlers in 2003, I did my best to bring them up under certain, traditional etiquette and codes of honor that are time-tested in our business.  Some of those kids from over the years have fallen out of the game, simply due to the fact that they either did not have the heart that this business requires, or because of serious physical injury in matches on a few occasions.  To be honest, I counted awhile back that over half of the kids that have debuted in Finnish professional wrestling since 2013 have called it quits.  It really is an astounding number.

To the best of my ability, I did my utmost to ween those with the best character, to take up leading positions in Finnish pro wrestling on the promotional end, as after all, our business does require group effort.  Sometimes, my evaluation of certain peoples’ character is correct, but at times, I misjudge who and what they truly are.  I hate to say it, but such an individual from this latter category would be my Eurosport co-commentator, Robert Holmström.

Mejsel with a chinlock as the referee checks in

Mejsel with a chinlock as the referee checks in

Robert was one of those people that had business savvy when he entered the game.  He worked for a debt collection agency, and he had a certain way about him, that you could say was “business-like.”  Robert even entered FCF’s wrestling school in 2005, but his physical prowess and athletic ability were not up to par, so he ended up becoming a referee.  And for many years, Robert Holmström was the best referee that FCF Wrestling had.  He even got so “over” with the fans in his officiating role, that it carried over to public support on his behalf, when he challenged former FCF General Manager Wilma Schlizewski in 2011 for her leadership title.  Holmström became the new General Manager for FCF Wrestling in December 2011, when his representative wrestler (Finnhammer Halme) defeated Wilma’s representative wrestler (Angel de Tormentá).

Fall-away clothesline lays out Mejsel

Fall-away clothesline lays out Mejsel

It was during Robert’s time as General Manager, that his position of power corrupted him as a human being.  He became Machiavellian in his thinking and actions, clearly proving, that some folks just aren’t cut out to handle authority.  Holmström would abuse his position as General Manager, going so far in his personal xenophobia, as to personally single out Mexican-Finnish talent El Excentrico and make his life hell.  FCF Wrestling’s board of directors couldn’t idly sit by and just let Holmström implode, so he was ousted from his General Manager spot in favor of Kristian Kurki, after the Talvisota VII event back in February of this year.  Since then, Holmström has been a sour grape, with a chip on his shoulder and probably a bad case of acid reflux, considering his constant negativity.

All this said, I even got Holmström his position as my co-commentator of This Week in WWE and WWE Vintage Collection on Monday nights in Finland, back in February 2009.  The Eurosport office asked me if I had someone in mind, who could work in the announcing booth with me, as an announcing team.  They needed to be knowledgeable and have good, on-air chemistry with me.  I had two or three names in mind, but I went to bat for Robert in the end, and he got the job.

Wounds of war, bleeding from the chin

Wounds of war, bleeding from the chin

Lo and behold, four years later, Robert Holmström has forgotten about the hand that fed him in 2009.  Even moreso, he has forgotten who brought him up in the business and trained him back in 2005.  In short, Robert Holmström has chosen to shit where he lives.  How indicative of his musical taste in punk rock.

When I faced Sweden’s Conny Mejsel this past Saturday night in Helsinki in defense of my BWA Catchweight title, all was fair and game until former BWA champion Valentine blindsided me, prompting the referee to call for a disqualification.  Valentine had previously assaulted me wife Diana on two separate occasions, and when she saw from ringside that Valentine ambushed me, she entered the ring and tried to pry him off.  That is when Robert entered and grabbed my girl, choking and manhandling her in the process.  The trio of Mejsel, Valentine and Holmström left me and my wife laying in the ring, proclaiming themselves to be “Bättre Folk”, as Holmström spat out to everyone in attendance, that he was sick and tired of playing second-fiddle to Yours Truly, and that the final nail in the coffin for him was when I brought Diana into the business.

a bunch of ignorant assholes - Bättre Folk

a bunch of ignorant assholes – Bättre Folk

Holmström already challenged me earlier in May this year at FCF’s Jatkosota 2013 event in Espoo, where I won the BWA championship from Valentine, for a match against my wife.  I accepted, knowing that my wife could wipe the mat with Robert, since she has a background in Jiu Jitsu and Kyokushin Karate.  Robert didn’t get his wish, as FCF General Manager Kristian Kurki denied the match taking place at DOMination 9 this past weekend, and this caused even more bitterness for Holmström.  I guess that is what prompted him to follow in Valentine’s footsteps and attack my wife also, proving that he also, is less than a man and a coward at that.

No need for further explanation...

No need for further explanation…

It will be a challenge for me to sit beside Robert Holmström on Monday nights in the Eurosport announcing booth from this day forward.  Only due to professionalism and for the sake of my job will I retain my composure and refrain from taking out my anger outside of the wrestling ring.  However, once the next wrestling event rolls around, with Holmström and his compatriots on the other side of the ring, all bets are off.  And then, even the cops won’t have jurisdiction, because what happens in wrestling stays in wrestling … and Robert and his Bättre Folk should know that.

Finnish professional photographer Susanna Honkasalo sent these shots to me from the highly-controversial events of this past Saturday night in Helsinki, where I faced Valentine for his BWA (British Wresting Alliance) Catchweight championship at an event entitled Domination 8, hosted by FCF Wrestling.

Valentine’s despicable actions with his assault on my wife at ringside are clearly visible.  At this time, I have not gotten the video footage from this event, but when I do, I will post the material of this cowardly attack here.

In addition, Valentine assaulted WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) talent scout and guesting referee, Robbie Brookside, jeopardizing potential future WWE tryout opportunities for not only himself, but for the entire locker room on the evening of March 23.

There will be serious repercussions following this debacle, THAT I most certainly can guarantee.

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There are some things in this life that one simply does not do: You never mess with another man’s ego, you never mess with another man’s money and you never mess with another man’s wife.

Last night, I wrestled what anyone could have considered a very game match against reigning BWA (British Wresting Alliance) Catchweight champion, Valentine.  WWE talent scout and 30-year wrestling veteran Robbie Brookside of England was slated to wrestle Valentine at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 8: Gods of the North event in Helsinki, but the condition of his knees was so bad that Robbie had to pull out of the bout at the last moment. Brookside has a long history of knee troubles over his wrestling career, and after several knee surgeries, his joints no longer have the needed cartiledge to make the rounds.  Regardless, Robbie is a brave soul, who manages to still be able to wrestle actively on his good days, when his knees allow him to do so.  Yesterday, however, was not a good day for Robbie Brookside as far as his knees were concerned, so he opted to referee, as I filled in as the challenger for Valentine’s BWA title.


Robbie Brookside holding a seminar for the wrestlers in Helsinki

What was initially a very sportive and competitive encounter turned nasty when I countered one of Valentine’s moves and the momentum sent him sailing over the top rope to the floor.  Truth be told, I had the champion on the run for the better half of the 20:10 bout, and as the match went on, I was clearly taking over.  When Valentine returned to the ring after his spill, he was visibly disgruntled and bent out of shape.  Perhaps the frustration of not getting his hoped-for title defense against the legendary Brookside aggrevated Valentine more than he initially let on, as a potentially successful defense over the BWA Catchweight title would have put major momentum on Valentine’s title reign and resumé.  Whatever the reason for his ill feelings, after stepping back into the ring, Valentine hit a suckerpunch and then proceeded to stomp the living daylights out of me.  As Brookside tried to pry Valentine off of my fallen frame in the ring corner, after the champion refused to comply with the 5-count to break his assault in the corner, Valentine then cheap-shotted Brookside with a blow and stomped him also.

Following his actions, Valentine exited the ring and walked out on the match.  Only he didn’t simply leave.  He stopped in front of my valet and wife, Diana – known in wrestling as Miss D – and as she protested his actions, he aggressively slammed her backwards into the ring apron.  Both Brookside and I were down when this happened, and we couldn’t stop the bastard’s actions.  My wife took a nasty blow, the results of which you can see in the photo below, as of today.


As of last night, Valentine is a dead man walking, as far as this man is concerned.  As I promised to the people on hand at Domination 8 in Helsinki after the debacle, not only will I take Valentine’s title, I will shorten his career.

This will not be forgotten, and trust me when I tell you — it’s etched in concrete in my memory.


A photo taken by a fan, posted on Facebook, of Valentine’s despicable actions to my wife

Dead man walking.

On Saturday, December 15, FCF Wrestling holds their last card of the year for 2012 … just in time before we find out if the world actually ends on December 21, as many seem to believe.

However the doomsday chips may fall on December 21, at DOMination 7 on December 15, good ol’ StarBuck will once again step into the ring to do battle with gender bending fan favorite Jessica Love.  I have faced Jessica twice in the past, once in October 2010 in Helsinki and last in March of this year in Porvoo, and both times I have beaten the tranny decisively with my spike piledriver.  However, just as legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette would say, Jessica “keeps popping up like a pimple on prom night.”  No matter how concisely I prove that my alternative lifestyle-toting opponent can’t get the job done against me, “it” just keeps coming back for more and more abuse.

Jessica Love gets whacked good and proper in 2010

Jessica should take a look at how I dominated in my ECW-style match a week ago in Copenhagen, bringing home the win once again, just to refresh “its” memory, as to how dangerous this veteran of the ring wars can truly be.  At DOMination 7 on December 15 in Helsinki at DOM Discotheque, in my book it’s the third strike for Jessica Love, after which “it” may seek glory on a level below that of “The Lord and Master of FCF”.

Jessica Love is one piledriver away from a broken neck, and if “it” wants to play with fire, “it” will get burned.

DOMination 7
15.12.12 @ 19:00
DOM Discotheque Helsinki
Fredrikinkatu 42, Helsinki
Tix at the door 12e, tix in advance 10e (+ door charge)

Pre-order your tickets for DOMination 7 online here and save cash:

I write this blog following my double-countout match against the Dominican Republic’s El Dinamico last night at an IWS Wrestling event in Cavour, Italy, as we close down on FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 4 event on Thursday, June 28 in Helsinki, Finland.

A lot of people have been waiting for an awfully long time to see the next chapter in the Finland vs. Sweden wrestling rivalry that started on July 1, 2011 back at DOMination 2 in Helsinki.  It was then, that Sweden’s top gun in the wrestling game, Killer Karlsson, arrived in Finland to tangle with Yours Truly.  This coinicentally was also hot on the heels of Swedenìs crushing loss to Finland in the 2011 World Ice Hockey Championships.  The Swedes were more than bitter, whereas the Finns were more than elated to get a one-up in the sporting world over their former masters.  Karlsson had much of this same bad blood in his veins, as he landed at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in preparation for our first match last year.

So it was at DOMination 2 on July 1, 2011, that Killer Karlsson and StarBuck waged a war for the ages.  With the rabid Helsinki crowd as hot as the summer weather that sweltering night, the fans on hand witnessed Karlsson stoop to all-time lows in his attempt to upset the “Lord of FCF”, as I have been coined in Japan.  Karlsson not only assaulted me with his metal flagpole, which he brought to the ring, waving his country’s flag, he also assaulted our female FCF timekeeper at ringside, as you can witness in the following video (off of my “Finnish Fight Collection 2” StarBuck DVD, available at all FCF Wrestling events):

Killer Karlsson went back to Sweden with his head held high –  albeit questionably high, I would say – to live to fight another day.  I am sure that Karlsson realized and knew that his actions would have repercussions, and in so saying, he would have to pay the proverbial piper somewhere down the line.  That eventual reckoning day has now come, and it is signed, sealed and soon to be delivered at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki.

Killer Karlsson sent FCF Wrestling a video message about his upcoming No-Holds-Barred match with me on June 28.  He chose to be so belligerent that out of spite, he recorded his speel in Swedish (not that I understand a single word):

In kind, I thought it would be more applicable to send my message directly to Karlsson in English, so as to not leave any stone unturned:

To wrap things up, I would be taking out health insurance if I were Killer Karlsson, because when he lands in Helsinki for his No-Holds-Barred match against me at DOMination 4, there’s a high and likely chance that he won’t be walking out of DOM Discotheque on his own when the dust settles.

Tickets for DOMination 4 now available in advance through:

One year ago on July 1, 2011 in Helsinki, I faced Sweden’s top wrestler Killer Karlsson at an FCF Wrestling event entitled DOMination 2.  It was a long-awaited showdown, as Finland and Sweden have had a blood-rivalry going back many decades.  As the pioneer of Finnish pro wrestling, I was not only representing myself, I was representing the country that my parents were born in, as I clashed with Karlsson in our first meeting.  To say that our duel was highly-spirited would be a grandiose understatement, as the fans packed into Helsinki’s DOM club venue roared with every blow that I dealt out to the big Swede.

During our match at DOMination 2, Karlsson got himself intentionally disqualified and proceeded to beat me senseless with his metal Swedish flagpole.  It sounds almost as if he was defacing his own country by using his own flag to perpetrate his actions.  Karlsson left me laying in the ring, gasping for breath, as I got choked out on top of it all before the dust settled.

Now, upcoming at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki, I get my chance at retribution in a No-Holds-Barred match against Killer Karlsson.  Anything goes on June 28th, and that means I can pound a mudhole into Karlsson with his own flagpole, should be bring one, and there is nothing the official can do about it.  As a matter of fact, I can use any furniture that isn’t nailed down to beat Karlsson black and blue.  Hell, I can even use whatever IS nailed down!

See clips above of my first match against Karlsson on my latest DVD release, available at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki

Make sure to get tickets to this huge event now through and save a couple of Euros in the process.

This weekend, I will be in Stockholm, Sweden, training the STHLM Wrestling roster over a two-day seminar tomorrow and Sunday.  I will also be wrestling in a special VIP-members only invite-event on Saturday night against STHLM Wrestling’s Scandinavian Shiva.

I am also proud to mention that FCF Wrestling broke the mainstream media barrier in Finland today, with a huge, feature cover story on our promotion in the nation’s leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat in the weekend NYT-Liite attachment.  Check out the scan below, and be sure to pick it up if you live in Finland!