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This past weekend in Hämeenlinna, Finland, I wrestled against FCF Champion “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä at what was dubbed Ragnarök as part of the Häme Medieval Fair.  Ragnarök wrestling paid homage to the Nordic heritage of our culture and past, as every match that the FCF talent took part in was tailored to recount classic battle themes of lore and legend.

Here are a few prime pics taken by photographer Marko Simonen from my bout with Ukonselkä on Saturday, August 20.  This match was a non-title showdown, which ended with Ukonselkä disqualified for blasting me with his championship belt as we brawled on the outside of the ring.

On Sunday, August 21, Ukonselkä put his FCF Championship on the line and retained his title after managing to pin me following his trademark pumphandle slam, which I kicked out of a fraction of a second too late.