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26 years

Today marks 26 years since my professional debut as a wrestler.  I owe it to my coaches, Lance Storm (WWE, WCW, ECW), who is currently working for WWE as an agent, and Karl Moffat, who used to wrestle in the ’80s and ’90s as Jason the Terrible under a hockey mask (Stampede Wrestling, Capitol Sports Puerto Rico, All-Japan and New Japan Pro Wrestling), as they started me off right and gave me the mindset and tools to make it this far.

After 22 countries on four continents, coaching in seven countries worldwide since 2003 and being a champion and main event player the world over, I can only be grateful that my career is still rolling strong at the age of 46.

I’ve had setbacks and injuries, faced the challenges that age brings to the game, navigated through the shark-infested waters of wrestling politics and petty shenanigans, and steered the course so that here in 2020, I’m spearheading my own wrestling promotion, SLAM! Wrestling Finland, with operations in both Finland and Estonia, with much more to come.

I’m thankful to the Good Lord above, in whom I steadfastly trust as any credible rebel these days would, for giving me the health, longevity and blessing to extend an in-ring career and professional achievement that no one in the Nordics of Europe has yet to surpass.

Here’s to the future, and to the challenges and victories that lay ahead!

StarBuck at SLAM! Wrestling Finland Mega Launch, March 22, 2019 in Helsinki

StarBuck at SLAM! Wrestling Finland Mega Launch, 22/3/2019 Helsinki (photo: Marko Simonen)

Upon winning the SMASH Championship this past Friday night, October 28th in Tokyo, the SMASH organization asked me to defend the title in my homeland of Finland also.  To honor the SMASH office’s request, I made it known upon my arrival back in Finland that I was willing to take an open challenge from anyone on the FCF Wrestling roster.  Before anyone else could even bat an eye, manager Renne Korppila issued a challenge on behalf of his charge, the Russian monster Vladimir Petrov, to face me for the SMASH Championship in Hämeenlinna, Finland this upcoming Friday night, November 4th at FCF’s Sirkus Slam event.

This will be a first-time meeting between the Russian brute and myself, and regardless of what Korppila claims, fear has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Petrov and I have not faced off before one on one.  I am absolutely certain that I will be more than ready to hand Petrov the beating of his young career at Sirkus Slam and walk out of Hämeenlinna just like I am walking in — as your SMASH Champion!

I cannot begin to describe the kind of elation and happiness I am feeling, coming home to Finland last night as the very first SMASH Wrestling Champion in Japan, defeating one of my greatest opponents ever, “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Yoshihiro Tajiri in the finals of the SMASH title tournament on Friday night, October 28 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

I have faced Tajiri several times in the past in both Finland and Japan, and every time our matches have been hard, physical clashes.  This final match last Friday night in the SMASH Championship tournament finals was no exception.  No, this one was WAY harder than ANY single one of our past, classic encounters.

We all know that many critics of professional wrestling vocally criticize our game as being “fake” and/or theatrical.  I find that kind of slander disparaging, and I would love to have those same critics step into a Japanese wrestling ring and feel the kind of punishment that we experience as professionals inside of that squared circle.

That said, my match against Tajiri on October 28 was one of the stiffest, most hard-hitting, SMASH-mouth affairs of my career.  Tajiri’s trademark kicks were brutal and his forearms and punches rocked my jaw.  I have to believe that “The Japanese Buzzsaw” felt the same at the other end of the equation, as the fighting spirit in our championship final bout was most definitely REAL.

Neither one of us held anything back, as we traded offense and fought a very even bout, going back and forth, neither competitor really gaining a clear-cut advantage over the match that lasted 15:12 before I dropped Tajiri with two vicious spike piledrivers after just barely kicking out of his Buzzsaw Kick.

After the match, both of us just lay on the mat, wasted from the physical toll of our bout.  Both of us took – and dealt out – one hell of a beating to one another in the quest to become the first-ever SMASH Wrestling Champion.  Both of us gave it our all, and I can only very humbly say that I am honored by my huge title win over a tremendous opponent in Yoshihiro Tajiri at SMASH.22 this past Friday.  I have the highest respect for the man that I pinned to become the new SMASH titleholder, and I will always remember the night of October 28 at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall.

A huge THANK YOU to: the tremendous Japanese SMASH Wrestling fans for believing in me; to the SMASH office for the spotlight opportunity; to Tajiri for an incredible match; and to my Great God in Heaven and Lord Jesus Christ who makes all things possible (Philippians 4:13).

Arigato gozaimasu!  Soudesune!

(Photos by Ken Suzuki)

This coming Thursday night September 8 in Tokyo, Japan I will be facing the very strange “God of Mexico” Veneno in the semi-final round of the SMASH Championship tournament at Korakuen Hall.

Veneno is like a cult leader, akin to Illuminati, and when he pulled the trigger and attacked me after my greatest career win to date over Japanese living wrestling legend Genichiro Tenryu last month, Veneno sealed his fate.

Make no doubt about it, I plan on piledriving Veneno all the way back to Mexico and advancing to the finals to meet whoever the winner will be between Akira Nogami and TAJIRI, once the tournament finals are held next month in Tokyo.


This coming Friday, September 2nd, FCF Wrestling will come to the city of Lahti, Finland at 8-Sali with a night of action entitled Lahden Löylytys (more or less Lahti Ass-Whoopin’ in English).

This occasion marks only the second time in history that pro wrestling will have been seen in Lahti, as FCF’s predecessor Pro Wrestling Finlandia (PWF) ventured there in early 2006, appearing at the same venue.  On that PWF show I was the Finnish Wrestling Champion, defending my title against a rookie Valentine.

This time around at Lahden Löyöytys on September 2nd, I face the mysterious masked villain Dr. No, as Valentine faces the hottest rookie in Finland today, Kristian Kurki, who also stole Valentine’s long-time valet Barbie from underneath his nose this past summer.  Also on the card, FCF Champ “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä defends his title against Russian brute Vladimir Petrov, Jessica Love faces Johnny McMetal, Ibo Ten battles Kage Manguro plus one more match will still be announced for the card.

Go to for further details!

This past weekend in Hämeenlinna, Finland, I wrestled against FCF Champion “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä at what was dubbed Ragnarök as part of the Häme Medieval Fair.  Ragnarök wrestling paid homage to the Nordic heritage of our culture and past, as every match that the FCF talent took part in was tailored to recount classic battle themes of lore and legend.

Here are a few prime pics taken by photographer Marko Simonen from my bout with Ukonselkä on Saturday, August 20.  This match was a non-title showdown, which ended with Ukonselkä disqualified for blasting me with his championship belt as we brawled on the outside of the ring.

On Sunday, August 21, Ukonselkä put his FCF Championship on the line and retained his title after managing to pin me following his trademark pumphandle slam, which I kicked out of a fraction of a second too late.