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Just this past week, I was asked to take part in top Finnish stand-up comedian Niko Kivelä’s new promotional video, which fires up his upcoming comedy tour across Finland over the next few months.  There was some crazy shit going down, with the tattooed Hellsinki Rock Girls models and a band known as the Horse Attack Sqwad, amongst others, on hand.  For anyone who doesn’t know, the Horse Attack Sqwad have a gimmick where all the guys wear horse heads and all the songs are about horses.  It’s messed up fun.  I got to be myself, pumping out shitloads of 16kg kettlebell presses over the takes of the video, which, let me assure you, had my delts and traps about to explode!  Real volume training till failure, over about 30-minutes of back-to-back takes on film.  Check out the finished product…

Niko recalled meeting me about 10-years back when he was part of a radio show that I was on, so this was a reunion of sorts to boot.  Niko has a tour across Finland, starting at the end of this month, so be sure to check him out live when he is in your area!

Niko found his way into a sleeperhold, but don't ask how!

Niko found his way into a sleeperhold, but don’t ask how!

“Kolmas MINÄ toden sanoo” TOUR

26.2.2016    Lahti
27.2.2016    Järvenpää
2.3.2016    Vaasa
3.3.2016    Seinäjoki
4.3.2016    Jyväskylä
5.3.2016    Kotka
10.3.2016    Iisalmi
11.3.2016    Kuopio
12.3.2016    Joensuu
17.3.2016    Kajaani
18.3.2016    Varkaus
19.3.2016    Tampere – iso
31.3.2016    Hyvinkää
1.4.2016    Kuusankoski
2.4.2016    Turku
8.4.2016    Lappeenranta
9.4.2016    Porvoo

Niko Kivelä Kolmas Minä tour








14.4.2015    Nurmijärvi
15.4.2016    Raahe
16.4.2016    Kokkola
21.4.2016    Rauma
22.4.2016    Pori
27.4.2016    Salo
28.4.2016    Espoo/Sello
29.4.2016    Hämeenlinna
4.5.2016    Kerava
5.5.2016    Ylivieska
6.5.2016    Oulu
7.5.2016    Rovaniemi
8.5.2016    Kemi
12.5.2016    Kuusamo
13.5.2016    Mikkeli
14.5.2016    Lohja
19.5.2016    Helsinki

Tickets available:

This upcoming weekend on Saturday, November 15 in downtown Helsinki, FCF Wrestling celebrates my 20 years in the pro wrestling industry with The Roast of StarBuck as part of FCF’s Marraskuun Mättö wrestling show at Hotel Presidentti.

The Roast of StarBuck

This particular evening will see me get grilled like never before, as I put my proverbial ass on the firing line to get verbally lambasted.  I am sure the satire will be thick and I will have to take a few uncomfortable jabs, as I am not expecting to get off easy here.  Acting as roastmaster will be Robert Holmström, my Eurosport TV co-commentator for WWE wrestling on Monday nights here in Finland.  Robert has known me since 2006, and having worked with him at Eurosport for the past 5,5 years, I doubt there would be a more fitting person to host the entire roast than him.  He’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly, as it comes to one “Canadian Rebel” StarBuck.

Amongst those roasting me will be Renne Korppila from Radio NRJ, media personality Wilma Schlizewski, my outspoken uncle Lasse, and several others whom I won’t mention, so as to not ruin the surprises in store!

Be sure to come on out on Saturday, November 15 in Helsinki if you happen to be in the capital region of Finland at the time.  This will be one for the ages, a landmark for my 20 years, for my imprint on the pro wrestling industry on the whole.

I will also have a slew of new t-shirts available for sale at the event, drawn and designed by Yours Truly, to celebrate this 20 year milestone.

StarBuck tee drawn